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Service Engine Soon Light



HELP! I have an 1989 Corvette Convertible and I cannot seem to reset SERVICE ENGINE SOON light. I changed the alternator and battery today and BINGO! the light went OUT...BUT....an hour later it was back on> I ws told to disconnect the battery for 10 seconds and then re-attach to clear code. But to no avail it is abck on and really BUGGING ME! What do I do/try??
Welcome To The Corvette Action Center auctionman!

Glad to have you aboard David, and I hope we can help you here.

I don't have an answer at my fingertips, and I haven't encountered the "SES" light staying on after disconnecting and re-connecting the battery or when changing the alternator.

I have had it happen to me a few times when I've over-oiled the air filter element (I use a K&N) and the MAF gets coated. It'll soon burn off however and the light will not come on again.

As Keith so aptly put it "The best guy here for a C4 is C4C5specialist. His name is Paul." ;)

Once again, welcome, and I hope you enjoy every minute you spend with us. :upthumbs

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