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LT4 sex and the LT4

1996 LT4 Topic


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Nov 22, 2000
Los Gatos, California
1996 GrandSport #427 1963 Red Split Window
is anyone out there..the board is dead....I would like to get another GS to run with in the September SSCC....Lets cut the BS and get to it...you have a fast car then let's go
...admit it the sex part got your attention
brooks walls
GS #427

[This message has been edited by brooks (edited 11-29-2000).]

[This message has been edited by brooks (edited 11-29-2000).]
I must admit that the "sex" part did get my attention. But then you know what kind of reputation us sailors have...

I'm guessing that my car is probably as fast as yours, considering we both have the same car, with pretty much the same mod's. As far as Nevada goes, I know I wont be able to make it to the May run, but things have changed a little and the SSCC is becoming a possibility. I will let you know as soon as I find any thing out.

Grand Sport #328
Tag: EyeCandy
Borla Exhaust, K&N
Originaly posted by gs633
Sex??? Yeh, it got my attention, alright.

Only problem is at my age, I can't remember WHY?

If you want me to fill you in drop me a line and I'll see what I can do to refresh your memory. :D

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