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Shake, Rattle but no roll yet.....



Okay people I am a newbie, I have had my vette for not quite a week and all is well except for one thing. When on the highway if I run over a major bumb in the road it feels like the front wheels are dancing all over the pavement. There is a slight shake in the steering wheel. So what's the deal? Do I need new shocks or something more involved? Any help will be appreciated......
CLABORN1960 said:
Do I need new shocks or something more involved?

C'mon man, how can we diagnose a drivability problem like that on the internet. :eyerole

We can recommend things like shocks and alignment, but you're going to have to get your Vette into the shop to accurately diagnose the shimmy/shake issue.

My first guess would be that your shocks are bad, and quite probably you could use an alignment.

Hope ya get it worked out. ;)

Thanks for the response, I understand the difficulties with internet diagnoses, however I have faith that you all can point me in the right direction. I plan to start with the shocks and then move to the next likely problem......
You stated a "major bump"...

Most of these Vettes with wide wheels will drag you all over the road when hitting bumps, ruts and puddles. Since the Vette is new to you, I think you're on the right track of getting the simple things checked first, for safety's sake. Even if things are a little out-of-whack, it would cause great tire wear, and strange things to happen with your steering capabilities.
I'd also reccomend just driving and getting used to the unique personality of your Corvette on all road surfaces. We recently moved to a new state and I drive cautiously until I know what and where the road is going to throw things at me that will drag me all over the road. Learn where the dips, bumps, potholes, ruts and puddles form on the roads you drive.
We lived in WA state before moving to Georgia, and driving to Portland, OR airport...there was a stretch of the highway along the Columbia River that would toss the me and the 78 all over our lane, and try to get us in the neighboring lanes, as well! Drove it once in the rain. Scary! :eek I'm certain the vehicles behind us thought I'd been imbibing alcoholic beverages heavily!
Anyhow, welcome to the CACC Claborn.
Silver & Hubby aka: Heidi & Ken
Hi Claborn. Congrats on the Ruby. Front end shake like your describing could be several things. Some serious, some not. You dont say how many miles? You should do a thourough front end check. Tierods, ball joints, or wheel bearings, if they are very worn may cause the same symptom. You should check it out to be on the safe side.
Good luck to you.
Wild Guess

1) Was the engine compartment oily? Check if the upper & lower bushings on the control arms for large chunks of missing rubber.

2) Carefully chock both sides of both front wheels
with a 2x4 ( or larger ) Have somebody move the car fwd & back SLOWLY with the hood open and see if the arms shift on the bushings. Make sure that your hood support can carry the weight easily. and not
slam down!!!!!

3) Next, Remove the chocks and turn the wheel side to side Lock to lock...hear any clunking? Do the wheels go smoothly?

Try these...let us know


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