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"She" is being sold.....



:cry Yup! "She" is going to the Manheim, PA Auction tomorrow to be sold. (Hopefully)! I hate to tell you all about it. I love my vette, my first vette, but it's time for me to sell her and get what I TRUELY want. She's been VERY good to me since I've purchased her, but she does need some work and I will buy my next vette in Carlisle in August. I realize its' difficult to auction off a 78 corvette, being 23 years old and she'll be up against new vettes....but....I think she will sell for more than I bought her for. Shes' got ALOT of good qualities going for her; new brakes, new ice cold A/C, new transmission, new tires, new paint (she was shipped to Germany to get painted, dont' ask me why the previous owner did that), new cd changer, new alarm....but the best part is just looking at her.! She is cosmetically UNBLELIEVABLE looking. :J So....it's time to say goodbye to her! But I will keep y'all updated next week and let you know what happens. Keep your fingers crossed for me....and her! :w :w

Jenni and her vette. (license plate: JENZL-82)

doesn't anyone have anything to say to me and my girl??? :confused :TALK

in mourning

Jenni ~ I can't imagine the agony you're going thru now... Parting with a BLACK SHARK...:cry , excuse me whilst I run for the kleenex. Ah, but knowing that you will be getting one that you really want is cause enough for celebration:upthumbs Hope you get top $$$ for your shark and get exactly :D what you are looking for !!

yes...the agony! Its' killing me. :r I'll have another Shark...real soon. It'll be a 78 Pace Car. I've learned ALOT from my first girl and I'm looking soo forward to having another. I wouldn't feel "complete" without a vette, ya know? It's like once you have one, there' s no turning back! Thanks for your words of encouragement! ;)


Sorry to see your baby go on the auction block! I'll:cry a few tears with you. I hope you get a good price for her.
What will you be looking for at Carlisle? Keep your eyes open quite often good buys can be found at Carlisle. :) :w
Thanks Her 92! I"ll be looking for a 78 pace car. It's just one of those things(cars) in life I CANNOT be without. There's a TON of pace cars for sale out there, you'll be seeing a pic of mine very soon! If I don't find a pace car, I'll try to get a '72.


I was looking foward to you bringing her to Limerick, but that dosn't mean you can't come. I hope to still see you there and you can meet Rob. Maybe you'll find a new vette there. could happen.
Joe Vuotto
HI Joe! :) :) Well, thing is, "she" might not even be sold tomorrow. Most of the corvettes that go through that auction are 98-00's. Big Bucks! So, when an older vette pulls up (rarely), you should see what happens...the crowd get all quiet, the RED "caution" light goes on and they turn the vette off. Everyone rushes over to open the hood, and all the bidders thoroughly inspect it. It's really exciting, but then when the bidding starts, its' VERY rare to see an older vette go for an excellent price. "She " is getting the engine detailed right now, along with the rest of her, she'll look gorgeous! But ya know......she might not sell. And then I'll drive her to Limerick. But either way, I WILL be in Limerick with my bro's '69 Lemans Blue, 427/400 tri-power. So, I"ll see you there in one vette or another. Heck......I might end up buying one tomorrow at the auction too! As you might be able to tell, my nerves are crazy:J right now, I"m nervous about tomorrow, I want her to look soo good!


The '78 Pace Cars are beautiful!:cool Our old one now lives in Holland, or at least last I heard it did.;) When we traded him in almost 10 years ago he had been fully frame on restored. He was absolutely GEORGEOUS! I sometimes wish we still had him too.:cry But you can't keep them all, and we will not keep a vette that we won't drive. My husband would not drive the Pace Car after he had it restored, he was afraid of damaging the paint, etc. So he traded him on a daily driver for me.:cool Which I traded a few months later on my 92, which was the vette I REALLY wanted. :w
Her 92,

You should do a search for your 78 pace car. You never know where he/she is by now. I want to buy one that is fully restored. And I"m willing to pay a pretty penny to get her. I just cant' wait to get her! Theres' sooo many for sale right now on the internet.

Look for yours if you still have the VIN #.

Good luck to you and your girl!

Hope she finds a good home, and you find the Vette of your dreams!
Thanks 78Silver,

Today is the BIG day. I"m soo nervous! Along with my vette going thru the auction will be my brothers "Arrest Me Red' '71 GTO, and his '98 JXR Jaguar. Its' gonna be a big day! :crazy
My girl looks GORGEOUS, she's ready to go and feeling good. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement and I will let you know on Monday what happens!!!:eek Jenni

I think condolences and congrats are in order! I know it must be a tuff decision, but as you can tell by my name ((hehehe) I think you're making a good alternate decision! ; )

Hope all works out well, and I'll be waiting to see those PC pics! <G>

Make sure to let us know how things turn out!

Good Luck,


I think condolences and congrats are in order! I know it must be a tuff decision, but as you can tell by my name ((hehehe) I think you're making a good alternate decision! ; )

Hope all works out well, and I'll be waiting to see those PC pics! <G>

Make sure to let us know how things turn out!

Good Luck,

Good Luck Jenni

I remember when we sold the 76, it was a difficult decision but right at the time. I never lost my Vette Fever. After 15 years of withdrawal pains and abstinence, I found Xena a few months ago. Can't imagine anyone not wanting a second vette if they lose the first one. My wife is already wanting a playmate for Xena. Anyway.....

For what it's worth, I always wanted a 78 Silver Anniversary Pace Car myself. Would still like to have one, but those chrome bumper cars really send me. Because of my occupation, I wanted a car that I could enjoy and could be a good investment at the same time. I don't know what I would do if a BB 69 or 70 came along.
Hope you don't have to wait as long as I did. Please let me know how things work out.

72 Bluz
Jenni, (and anyone else that might be interested)

On that link that you added to your post to the Indy Pace Car page, my car is the one listed under Earl and Cathy's Pace car. They are the former owners I got my Sweet lil Shark from!


We're waiting to hear your outcome! The suspense is killing us....we can't eat or sleep! <G>

Inquiring minds want to know!!! ; )

Hi Guys! Well Friday at the auction came and gone very quickly. It was a great auction, but........15 mins. before "she" went up to the auction block, she decided she wanted to BLOW her radiator. Nice huh? :cry At least it happened in the car wash in stead of in front of 5,000 people. So, shes' in the shop, and she'll go through the auction this friday (hopefully). Sorry that I cannot bring any good news. At this point I'm just giggling about the whole situation:L , cuz I could of easily FREAKED out...but I didn't. :J It is kinda funny!!!! Plain and simple: she refused to be sold.! That's my girl! The 71 GTO caused a wonderful RIOT! Everyone loved it and my brother made a NiCE profit off it. Thanks guys for your words of advice.....I love this place!


She knows you are going to sell her - they always do. ;)


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