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? Shift/gear indicator on 71 w/AT


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Dec 27, 2000
Florence, SC (Timmonsville SC)
71 War Bonnet Yellow VERT 71 BH Blue CPE (SOLD)
My 71 cpe has a TH 400 3 speed automatic...but shift console has no indicator (such as a fluorescent red needle) that would point to what gear the tranny's in. There is a window in console showing P R N D 2 1... just no pointer/needle. Since owning the car, I figured a red pointer must've fallen off...The detents work fine and I seldom have trouble with this...but I'm concerned about the occasional other driver(s). I recently pulled the shift console and shifter assembly...I don't see where a pointer might ever have been attached...maybe never was intended... just dunno! Neither my original owners' manual nor my AIM book seem to offer help here. Does anyone know if this car should have a "gear pointer/needle?"

Hi Jack,
I think it must have had a pointer needle at one time...how else would you ever know what gear you are in unless you constantly count as you shift. Imprecise, at best, so I think there had to be one.
When I had my stereo installed, the shop put it back together and I couldn't see the indicator needle, so went inside and asked them to please fix it. I think they had broken it and ordered me a new one and installed it. I do not know where they ordered it from. Maybe another member will have experience with this.

Yea, you'd think it would have come with a needle...I do too! But see no evidence of where it might've attached...or fallen away into shift tunnel. BTW, I also thought it would've come with a drain plug for the differential gear oil...but C3's don't!...only a fill plug. Surely a '71 expert'll have our answer:confused Thanks!
another 71 AT w/ NO gear pointer

I received an email from a fellow CAC member (Randy 71). He tells me his '71 does NOT have a needle or pointer at console to indicate gear selection. To have or have not...any others got a needle?

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