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shift kit



Where would i find a shift kit for my 1980 corvette, have been looking and cannot find one.......
CS, I take it your '80 does have a 350C, right? I would think that Jegs would have one, or B & M. you may call them direct for info. In would have thought any parts store would have or can get them, what are they saying?...........Steve
Well they say they cannot get a shift kit for a 1980 corvette,,, do you have internet address for those companies? how hard are they to put in and can i do it or do I have to have someone do it.
Shift Kit

I was going to try the Trans-Go shift kit for the 350C auto trans in my 1980. Here is there website, you can buy straight from them. Word has it that this is the best shift kit going. Costs like $75 for your 1980 Corvette.


Anybody else have thoughts on this?
Thanks Tom, I been looking all day for part numbers and info for CS, I'm glad you helped him............Steve
shifty kit!

ssvet, Have you ever installed one of these?
They appear to be somewhat involved in the transmission valve body. I'm not quite sure if this is a "Do-It-Yourshelf" thing for the average Vette owner without a lift.

This is off a Impala Owners message board, it is a "how-to-install" article and it gets kinda involved, but it is for a newer electronic controlled trans, not the 350C or simalar.


In the regular "consumer" kit they do send a video tape of the procedure so you can see everything being done. That would be a BIG help.
Tom, No I have not. I have a trans shop that does all my transmission needs. They are up on all the conversions and things like that. Actually, I never consider myself as a mechanic, I'm more of a "Restoration Specialist". I try to keep most engine and trans total rebuilds out of house. That way, too, I'm not responsable, or at least not completely responsible. I knoe that with the newer trans, like the 700R4, it is quit a bit more in depth then the 350 or 400..........Steve
Shifty Kit

First of all, Jegs is my favorite place to shop for anything performance related. Second, the shift kit will be pain in the bucket seat. Several of the guys in my club responded that way when I asked about putting a shift kit in my '79 L-82. I had the chance to ride on a '78 with a kit in it and was not impressed. The shifts were much too hard for street use.
I reprogramed my 2k Silverado trans for solid shifting and I did not like it at all. Programed it back to stock and I can still kick a mustangs:booty
the last time I bought a shift kit I went to my local transmission parts store ,I paid 12 bucks for it. basically a shift kit comes with an overlay for the valve body a couple of drill bits and a whole bunch of springs,check balls and gaskets.If you are doing a th350 get a drill place the overlay over the valve body drill the two holes replace the gasket and throw all the springs ect away.I would't go for one of those hi dollar kits, this way you will get the quick shift without altering the way your tranny acts in normal everyday driving.In the last TH350 I did I removed the clutch paks replaced the 4stock with 5red or hi perf in each pak then cut a 1/4 wide by1/2deep groove in both paks to increase the speed of the fluid through the trans then drilled my valvebody, the trans was awesome,it shifted so hard the car would fishtail out of 1st and crack the tires loose out of 2nd, under heavy throttle of course but drove nice normally,you would never know the trans was done unless I let you drive it

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