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Shockabsorber installation


Dave L.

rear shock replacement

piece of cake.much easier to do the rear than the front.
raise rear of car onto jackstands. remove rear wheels.disconnect shock upper mounting bolt that goes through the frame.remove lower mounting nut and washer.slide shock upper eye out of frame bracket and pull lower eye and rubber grommets off strut and mounting shaft.reverse procedure to install.


You can do it with your eyes closed!! LOL



hey, guys, need your advice. My next project, much like greenone, is to install shocks on my '75. Sounds like the back is a piece of cake, but what about the front....?

Dave L.

front shock replacement

raise front of car on jackstands at the frame.with an opened end wrench or vice grips hold the upper shock stem from turning,and then remove the upper stem retaining nut,retainer and rubber grommet.you'll need a deep well socket to remove the nut.i think its 9/16 might be 1/2. remove the 2 bolts retaining the lower shock absorber to the lower control arm and pull the shock out from the bottom. to install- extend the shock stem completely.slide the ret washer and grommet on the stem and slide the shock back up in the way you took it out.put the grommet on the stem, the retainer washer and the nut.hold the stem from turning and tighten the nut.install the 2 lower bolts and your ready to go.if i recall,the only difficult part could arise trying to get those pliers inbetween the spring coils to hold the stem from turning.use a little penetrating oil on that top stem nut if rusted.its not really hard at all.but might be a little time consuming.i am sure u can doit no problemi hope this helps.Happy Motoring

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