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Short Throw Shifter


Dale Hess

I’ve recently purchased a 2003 Z06. I would like to add a Short Throw Shifter and would greatly appreciate your advice on the subject. What works and what doesn’t.
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I would like to hear feedback on this subject too. Hopefully someone with this mod will chime in soon.
Depends on what you want out of your shifter.

There are racing shifters from Kirban, B&M, and Hurst. But keep in mind the are RACING shifters very stiff.... All of these are very well designed product, and I am not knocking them in anyway.......I have a Kirban in the 99 and it is great at the drag strip but pretty tight for regular driving.

The other way to go is the our Speed shifter which shortens the throw from gear to gear about an inch and a half and we polish the inside and lube it with as much of the best lube we can find.... This is a modified stock shifter so you keep your stock feel just smoother and shorter. Mallett builds a smooth shifter too that I heard was excellent.
Mongoose400SS said:
Depends on what you want out of your shifter.

There are racing shifters from Kirban, B&M, and Hurst. But keep in mind the are RACING shifters very stiff....

I agree about the stiffness. Especially in a Hurst. I have driven an '03 Z06 with a Hurst that had heavier springs in it. 1st to 2nd was no problem. 3rd to 4th......all you had to do was shift. But to get into 5th and 6th took a little effort.

Had a Hurst in my 01 Z06 and now have it in my 02. Love it!! :_rock
I had the opportunity to drive two cars with different shifters; the first was a 99 FRC with a B&M installed, the second was an 01 Z06 with a Hurst. Between the two, I would pick the Hurst over the B&M simply because I liked the smother shift feel for everyday driving. Both gave short, crisp shifts.
Hurst has been around a long time, and is well known throughout the auto enthusiasts world.
Today's aftermarket shifters and other performance parts are so closely matched I think sometimes it just comes down to price or desired brand name.

Im not sure if its actually a "new" shifter, or just a shorter arm or something, but what about Lous Short Stick? Seems a bunch of LS1tech guys use it, dont know if its that popular for the C5 tho..

But, yeah, vettepilot hit it right on the head. It seems everything now-a-days is so evenly matted, it just comes down to desired brand name, and price. Kirban's are nice. ive driven a LS1 Fbody w/ a kirban, it was a nice shifter. Havent gotten to a Hurst or B&M, but both arent bad by any means.

Btw, welcome to the forum
Any of the aftermarket short throw shifters are too stiff for daily driving, and you don't feel the transmission anymore.

The best compromise I've seen is a shortened stock shifter -- you can get an idea of what it would feel like by "choking" up on the stock shifter.

I suggest staying with stock, unshortened.
Hurst is the way to go!

I put a Hurst shifter in yesterday. WHAT a different! Speed shifting to 3rd must be twice as quick! What a diff. in quality, solid workmanship and engineering! I blew a third gear shift, ruined the sychro and had the tranny replaced with the stock shifter, so I know what can happen! I can't talk about the other brands and I'd bet they are all much better the stock, wimpy shifter! IMHO. :D :cheers: :flag :beer :cool :)
Different Shifter

Where does one find a shortened stock shifter.

I bought a short shifter from Corvette Concepts in Florida. All it is is a stock shifter which has been modified (shortened) but that's what I like about it.
Hurst shifter would be the choice...
But you will hear more noise though....
I installed the Mallet last week. I love it except for the teardrop knob. Too pointy for my big paws. I figured out how to adapt the stock knob, which I really like, to the Mallett. Basicall it is a tube threaded inside and out. Outside threads into stock knob and inside threads on to the Mallett.

The throws are a little shorter. It is very precise and you know exactly where you are. There is a subtle click when it seats in the gates and when hitting neutral position. There is no noticeable difference in noise or vibration. Noise and vibration seem to be the major complaints about aftermarket shifters.

I'm not knocking any other shifters as I haven't used them. The Mallett compared to the stock is very positive. It does cost quite a bit more than their competition. I wouldn't trade it!

Sorry for such a lengthy first post. Looks like a great site and will visit often.:)
The noise you here (Rattle), will it hurt the transmission if it continues

I know this thread is 12 years old but if the rattle that you hear is indeed only coming from the hurst shift lever, and not another part of the drive line, then no damage to the transmission will occur UNLESS the shifter is not adjusted properly but that should not create a rattle, just poor shift quality. :)

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