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shorty hedders


sd pacecar

I looked at the Jeg's web page and they have numerous shorty style hedders. Has anyone installed these on their cars? I will have to weld air tubes to make it legal in SoCal. I want to know if it will be worth the money and effort to go this route. I have to keep the car smog-legal and I feel this is the only way to go. I have also considered the LT1 style exhuast manifolds, but I was told that my stock exhuast y-pipe is a different configuration and won't bold directly to the newer manifold. The exhaust flange exits further to the rear compared to the stock 78 style. The Jeg's page is www.jegs.com. Any input will be appreciated.
sd, I will tell you from experiance, you do not want a set of those shorty headers. They fit too close to the engine and it is almost imposible to use the original "V" shielding for the plug wires. Also, if you have AC, the shorty flanges are not as thick and when you use the AC adapter plate it causes the belt to run side ways and it will come off at high RPM's. However, if you insist on the shorty's, I have a friend, that would love to sell a set, cheap. As far as the exhaust (Ram's Horn) manifolds, they are the same from 1955 to 1979 with a few changes for accessaries mounting and high HP 2.5inch dumps. But, if you have 2in dumps you can use the same exhaust on a 69 thru 79 with no differances until you get back to the mufflers. I hope this helps, if I have made this sound too confusing, it really ain't, just ask and I will try to explain it better........Steve
I was afraid of that. I am not worried about the plug shields, but he AC concerns me. What brand are they? I have fabricated brackets before.
I think they are Hookers. I know they are ceramic coated. If you are interested in them I will get with my friend and ask what he will take for them. I can probably get you some pictures. He took them off and put on some coated dynomax headers that worked very well. Luckely, here in central Missouri we don't have to worry about the smog, yet.........Steve
If sd doesn't want them I will most likly be interested in them.
Just drop me an email.


The '81 and '82 Corvettes came with a stainless steel shorty header with the AIR pipes and used the stock down pipes. They were called tubular exhaust manifolds but I doubt if there is any appreciatable difference in performance, compared to aftermarket shortys, running through the mufflers. They are plentiful at Corvette swap meets and used parts houses.

Thanks 59Tom. I forgot about those manifolds. I think I will look for a pair around here.

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