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Should I buy????



Heh Everybody. Hope all is well.

I need some help. Is they anything I should know about 1991's that would keep me from buying one? It has 49k on, and has been kept up nicely. I beleive the price is fair.

Any comments would be of great benefit.

Also, have an 84 for sale if anyone is or knows anyone who is interested. They can email for details if they want to.

Thanks everyone....


91 is a really cool year for many reasons. You get the latest style C4 body less the fender gilles behind the front tires. You get the new style dash and interior less the seat change and isolation panel on newer ones AND you get the newest most fresh L98 possible on the C4.

I prefer a LT1 right out of the box. However, between the optispark, loss of low end torque, and lack of under hood looks, the LT-1 has much to be desired.

Plus, with the L98, you can always yank that off and drop a mini ram or super ram in that same place. Plus, you get the benefit of a regular H.E.I. and more simple computer systems for easy of shade tree tuning.

I can't think of anything unique to the car, that would not be pretty standard on any Corvette to watch out for.

Don't be surprised if the CATS have or will soon deteriate.

Good luck!
Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. I'll check on the exhaust.


Not that I can think of, other than it is probably time to replace things on a 11 year old car.
I liked the back end of the 91's better than the older c4's. I would try to buy the newest one I could afford. I do like my 91, good luck.
Thanks Jeepie....

I do have my eye on a 93 w/19k, but I think it's a bit out of my $ range.

Thanks again.



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