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Should I pull the trigger on this deal?



A guy is offering me a C4 this will be my first vette. I'm in need of as much information as I can get on it. It needs a lot of work. Where can I get an assesment of it. I'd like a second opinion on this project. Is there a catalogue of parts I can get.
Lucky, We need more info. It could be a real deal and it could be a real nightmare. As far as magazines, there are as many magazines as there are Corvettes:). Corvette Central has one of the best catalogue as far as pictures for the C4. Let us know what year it is, how many miles, etc..........Steve

With the sketchy information provided the only thing I can tell you is that "it is a Corvette"! Check the blue book value www.kbb.com. Blue book retail means that the car is in virtually perfect condition. Determine what this car needs mechanically and cosmetically. Find out what it will cost you to bring the car up to full retail value and make an offer accordingly. I realize that that statement is an oversimplification. Remember the value of your investment will only increase over time. Also, parts are available. If this isn't the right car, keep looking. I wish you well Lucky. Let us know what you decide to do.

Lucky,you can really be in over your head on this car.I would suggest you find someone who is familar with the C4 and have them look at it.Repairing them can be very costly,time consuming and frustating.I hate to sound so negative but try to buy the best one you can afford. It may be cheaper down the road.BTY Welcome to the CAC. Chuck
luckydrawz said:
A guy is offering me a C4 this will be my first vette. I'm in need of as much information as I can get on it. It needs a lot of work. . ...

Lucky the members have given you some pretty good advice esp. chuck. A few questions you might ask the owner is "Why do you want to sell it? How long have you had it? What have you done to it since you've had it? How many owners has it had?" Some states have a website that you can do a title search using the VIN for owner history too.

Corvettes are One of the Neatest Sports Cars on the Road today, and they can be very additive when in comes to buying things for it and fixing it.
I hate to sound so negative but try to buy the best one you can afford. It may be cheaper down the road. by chuck

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center, lots of useful information here for a first time buyer, take a few minutes and look around. and Good Luck Finding Your FIRST Corvette
Weclome to the Action Center Lucky! It sounds like you have a great opprutinity, but be careful and take your time and look at the car before you buy.

We have a great check list for things to look for on a Corvette before you buy it. Just click on this link: http://corvetteactioncenter.com/tech/buying.html and it will take you to it.

A few things to look at are the tranny. The '84 to '89 'Vettes with a manual tranny had the 4+3 tranny. Basicly a 4 speed with an overdrive function on gears 2-4. I've heard mixed reports on this tranny. For cruising, its pretty nice, the overdrive feature is great on gas mileage, biut for any kind of racing it's not very reliable. Also check out the small stuff, like the weather striping around the windows. Sure it's small, but it's also pretty expesnive and time consuming to replace. The headlight motors also have a tendancy to burn out giving the car a "lazy eye".

This is just the tip of the ice berg, their are a lot of things to look at when considering buying a Corvette. Please dont take this to mean that the C4's are bad cars, the '84 Corvette was named the Motor Trend Car of the Year and they only got better after that. In my opinion the cost of owning, repairing, and mantaining a Corvette is by far out weighed by the joy of owning a Corvette.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.

C 4 & U

Welcome aboard Lucky,

Ok we need the following, Year, Milage,Overall condition, Owner input ( his version of the car's history ) The build sticker items ( found on bottom of glove compartment lid OR under the Drivers side storage hatch. Take a note book spend about 2hr's going through the car taking notes about what needs attention... if it still passes muster ( in your mind )
Get the car up in the air... looks at the underside, check the wheel bearings by grabbing the wheel at the 12 & 6 o clock position and gently try to rock the wheel in & out. Push the top fwd while pulling the bottom gently and visa versa... If you feel a MICROSCOPIC amount of play it's ok, if you have more than 1/4 of an inch play the bearings are going... bearing prices are about 250 for fronts and 350 for rear's ( Not including instlation!) If the bearings are going... it's a fair assumption that U -joints are going.... etc etc. I have bought most of my vettes in "Abused & abandoned" condition. I like re doing EVERYTHING to make sure that the car ( when i'm done ) is mechanically 100%.

This cost's BIG BUCKS! but for me, it's a hobby not a way to make money.... so be prepared to start shelling out the cash!

This is not to say Corvette's are poorly designed ( In most area's) but if they are neglected they will ( like most things ) BREAK.... and at least mine knows when I get paid.

Let the group know what's up.... take your time.... DON"T get attached ( Yet ) and grind for the best price possible.


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