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Should I upgrade to 335's??


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
A good friend of mine wants to buy my 315 GSC's. The tires are in great shape only sporting about 8K miles. I've always wanted a set of 335's but would never just go run out & pick some up for $700......but if someone wanted to buy the 315's, this might be a possibility. My question is this: Is the 11in. rim feasable to run this large of a tire? I've seen other ZR-1's doing it on a stock rim with supposedly no problems, but I'm not sure. All I know is that the 335 tire is wicked looking!!

The vipers run 335's......what size are their rims?

A 335 really needs at least a 12" rim to be optimal but a lot of ZRoners run them on the stock 11" rims.
Vipers run a 13" wide rear wheel.
What Clint said, with the added comment that you can check Goodyear's site or call them. But I would hesitate, without good confirmation. Generally, a tire is better on a "too wide than perfect" than a "too narrow than perfect" rim.

Good luck, let us know what you do.
I decided to hold off........My 315's are in perfect condition. I'll wait till those wear down to make a move:)


You know that replacing tires is a great photo op! Just take your ZR-1 out in the middle of no where with a camera. And, as the saying goes "Smokem' if ya gottem!":beer


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