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Should rocker arms be loose



the "RIGHT" way to adjust rocker arms

OK everyone, I have an 89 Corvette thats modified. As far as the rocker arms go, i've done it the method of TDC and spinning the push rod in your finger....BAD METHOD! I've had the best luck, in adjusting them with the valve covers OFF and the engine running. I have a AIR PUMP eliminator making it easier, the passenger side vavle cover is a pain, but i just run the engine w/out the serp belt hooked up and watch the temp closely. you wana do make sure the car is a "little" hot, not cold. and then take off one vavle cover at a time. I start with the Passenger b/c of the heat problem w/out a belt. OK, use a 5/8" socket and a ratchet and slowly losen the nut until you hear a "loud" knock or clack. then "SLOWLY" tighen it until the loud noise goes away. (I mean the LOUD noise, not the normal noise) then tighen it 1/2 a turn slowly from the point where it stopped clacking. and then move onto the next rocker. THAT IS THE BEST METHOD OF ADJUSTMENT. put the valve covers and blet/AC bracket etc...on and your off! TAKE YOUR TIME, RUSHING DOENS'T PAY OFF!
-Jason, 89 L98 60k miles, Auto 13.70ET's daily driver

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