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I am currently working on a 70 vette. I'm looking to put side exhaust on it, i don't want the stock side exhaust, i want some big chrome cannons, now from all the looking around i've done ive only found that hooker makes headers and exhaust tubes for side exhaust. ive only found about two or three places where hooker side exhaust kits are sold. does anyone know of more places to find side exhaust kits, hooker and other brands. thanks...ive been looking around for quite awhile. ive been through all the exhaust/aftermarket portals for this site...
I know that PAW (Performance Automotive Warehouse) sells the Hooker sidepipes. You can usually find their ads in Car Craft or Hot Rod magazines. Phone is #818-678-3000 and are located in California. PAW's parts book costs about $5, but this is no wimpy catalog. It's the size of a phone book! Black pipes (part#HOO-2222) go for $448 or chrome $770 (part# HOO-2233). You would still need to buy the muffler and pipe extension. This is out of an older catalog from '98, so call for current prices. --Bullitt
That PAW price is not bad. Summit is around $1,300 for a big block complete and $1,100 for a small block in chrome for the Hookers.

I am doing some swapping and trading to get a new never installed set of big block black hooker side pipe headers. I will send them out and have them ceramic coated and put the chrome tubes down the sides. Trying to keep my total cash price under $750.

I got a quote from Jet-Hot on a coating job for the sidepipes, when I was considering black pipes. The coating was going to be $300 inside and out. If it's chrome, add another $30 for stripping. I found a pair of sweet chrome pipes from a guy in Pearland for $400 with mufflers and the sidepipe extension. If the chrome goes away, I'll pop for the Jet-Hot. --Bullitt
"Headers and sidepipes"

MUDdCaTt. I've got the Hookers in chrome. Bought them from Summit but they were black. Kept the headers and pipes, and sent the mufflers back. To RESTRICTIVE. Built my own instead. I had them custom plated, because i just didn't like the commerical grade of chrome. They look and sound great !! If i do it again, i think i would look into STAHL HEADERS (www.stahlheaders.com) I really like the idea of the collector being UNDER the car, and having that smooth long tube down the side. (4" also) There are not to many places around that make sidepipes. If you can afford to, you can have some stainless steel ones custom made. Big $$$$$. If anybody needs info on baffles for your pipes, e-mail me. Thanks, JCL
I forgot to mention about the Hooker mufflers that JCL, mentioned. The guy that I bought mine from shared the same sentiment by saying, "They're quieter than sh*t!" He went down to the local Autozone and got some mufflers that were way louder and sounded mean. I'm not sure what he used exactly. He had tried running open pipes, but said the cops kept on busting his chops. :eyerole --Bullitt

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