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Side Window Adjustments

Mar 3, 2001
Andover, MA USA
1986 "Bright Red" Coupe
Does anyone know how to adjust the up position of the door windows. I can find an adjustment for the rear of the glass, slotted holes that mount the power lift mechanism to the door, but can't seem to find how to adjust the closed height at the front of the door. Factory manual just skips over these details.
I don't know if this applies to 88's. This is for a 95.

The adjustment you are looking for maay is located below the anti-rattle pad at the front of the window.
85 adjustment points as follows:
Glass guide stops,anti-rattle cushions,regulator bolts top of door and saddle to glass.
Hope it helps.
You can pick them up at any of the suppliers. CC, Ecklers, etc.
Rabbit I don't know if this applies to 88's. This is for a 95.

Thanks Rabbit, I found the adjustment, just below and to the front of the anti-rattle pad.

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