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Sidepipes arrived yesterday


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Oct 24, 2000
81 4 speed
It must have been to much cheap booze at Christmas but for some unknown reason even though I have a perfectly good exhaust I ordered a set of sidepipes when I was on holiday.

This leaves me with two very nice Micron Alloy mufflers, they are rebuildable, have 2 1/2" inlets and come with nice stainless clamps. Any UK browsers that might be interested in buying them send me an email.

Isn't it amazing what free time and a catalog will cause. With me it always happens in the winter time. Won't drive it in the snow, start to browse catalogs, mail trucks arrive, boxes appear on doorstep, etc..... same old story!
Racer78 said:

TC see what you started :)

Keith :w

Well yeah, perhaps Keith..:L

I was lucky, my existing exhaust was excellent but got damaged, opening the door for new system. But I have to say, I was chomping at the bit for a set of hookers before they got smashed too:gap

The UPS man just showed at my door last evening with the umpteenth delivery since sept. HeHeHe..My vacuum fix from zips..

I get all my parcels delivered to work and the girl in reception thinks I am running some sort of mail order business on the side.:D I have a drawer full of cataloges which is usefull for passing the time when we are not to busy.

Another set of Hooker sides!!!! I need to buy stock.
Do you folks realize how long these things have been around!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And they ain't cheap, they ain't the most efficient, but they look good, sound good & change a vettes personality completely.
I like the way so many of you folks think! A community of nuts, just like me:beer

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