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Well, the frame off has exposed a few problems...for example, my left half shaft's C-clip is MIA, the side yoke just fell out of the differential...it still has the groove for the clip...however..I can't find the parameters for the useable side yoke length before replacement is required..any help will be appreciated...


I have heard much debate on whether there exists a GM spec on sideyoke play. What I do know is that only a very small amount is tolerable. I replaced my yokes, clips and seals a while back in my diff and it didn't eliminate all the play in the yokes. I figured since the yokes were rebuilt and the clips were new that whatever slop was left must be ok. Wrong. I still had about 1/8" of play in each side. When I test drove it later I could still detect some sway in the rear. The yoke slop is the only place it could be coming from, everything else is rebuilt and tight in the rear susp. To check your yoke I would suggest putting a new c-clip on it and measuring the side play. If the play is barely perceptible it's probably fine. Your lucky in that most worn yokes have a mushroomed inner end and have to be beaten out of the diff.

I'm just living with mine for now untill I can get a chance to get it rebuilt by Tom's Differentials.

The yoke spec question might be a good one for the NCRS board.

good luck

Hmmm...I could swear I've seen it somewhere, but who knows..my trailing arms are fine so maybe it's just better to R2 (remove and replace) them...so far it's going surprisingly easy only one number four bolt had to be cut and I found one of my new motor mounts busted in two...ahhh well too much power too little time...thanks...
If there's something you want to know about rear ends and side yokes talk to Art Dorsett at Van Steel, he just replaced my old stock ones with heavy duty units. I think the price was $120 each.


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