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Silicon grease



I read where silicon grease is used to protect and lube your rubber weather seals. Does anyone know if you can buy that locally in auto stores. Also would that be the same as dieletric grease that you use for your spark plug boots. I think that is some type of silicon grease but don't know if its the same.

Thanks Roy

As far as I know, they are all the same thing. Most silicone compounds are practically identical. They are described as grease-like materials usually based on the dispersion of a silica-thickening agent in a dimethyl-silicone fluid. Thank goodness, it is just called silicone grease. They are used as a moisture barrier, surface protectant, dielectric insulator and for specialized release and lubrication. These compounds are not to be used for metal-to-metal load bearing lubrication.
Technically the term “dielectric” describes a property of something, not a type. It is the ability of a substance to resist the transmission of an electrostatic force from one charged body to another. In electronics the term “dielectric constant” is the measure of a materials ability to do this, the lower the value the greater the resistance. The label describes it use, rather than the type of material in the tube. So when you see a tube of “Dielectric Grease” you can be sure it is a tube of silicone compound.
Being water repellent, hydrolytically stable, non-corrosive, chemically inert, odorless, excellent dielectric properties, excellent coating ability (adheres when fluids would drip or spin off), and colorless are features that make them attractive.
You can see why their use in automotive connectors is so common, they stick when somethings will not, they do not corrode things, they repel water, they do not boil, or catch fire until greater than about 600 degrees Fahrenheit and are good insulators. Hope that helps.

Yep just what C5Phil said ..


Your local parts house, PepBoys, K-Mart, Target and Wal-Mart probably have just what you are looking for in their automotive section..

I use the little tubes silicone that the Substation guys get from G.E. or Westinghouse for gasget material when working on Transformers.. Hey,, remember what C5Phil said..;).. It works great too :gap


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