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Question: Silicon Hoses


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Dec 24, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
1977 Convertible and 2017 Black Rose Grand Sport
Have any of you seen the cool looking colored Radiator and heater Silicon hoses? It looks like Corvette Central is offering them for C5 and C6's. But, I have not seen them for a C3. I have contacted the company (Samco Sport USA) and they are willing to make them if I provide them samples. I hae no problem providing the samples. Mine would be for a 1977. Which means they would fit, Upper 76-82, Lower 77-79 and heater hoses W/AC 68-82. They asked me to check with the Forum to see if what kind of interest we have. They could not give me a price until they have the samples, but I looked at there price sheet and I am guessing for a 4 hose kit are about from $175-$250 plus $25 for their special hose clamps. I know they are not cheap, BUT THEY DO LOOK GREAT. Please let me know your interests and comments. This a link to their web site. SamcoSport USA - Colours Check out the colors!!!



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