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Six speed clutch change questions


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
I replaced the clutch on Nikki's 89 six speed several years ago. I remember doing it the hardway...ie...I took the entire center console out of the car and passenger seat (?) as well as dropped everything out from below.

I can't remember if I had found out that the stick shift handle comes off or not from underneath so that the trans can be dropped without taking out the center console.

Any input there?

I have to change the clutch in the 90 very very soon. It is starting to slip as low as third on acceleration around traffic. It went down fast after the last autocrossing event. At least we won!

I have the 1990 G.M. shop manual out in the work shop. I need to go take a read later today and refresh. Sometimes, us shade tree kind of guys know some tricks that save some time.



Thanks for checking that out. That is what I remember doing on the 89. In fact, when the job was done, I lost control of the car getting it down off the ramps and it went through the garage door nearly wiping out our other Corvette that had been sold and was just waiting on the check to clear.

Check out the links we have here at CACC under Autocrossing in the Forums.

All I can say, that after years of throwing away money trying to go 12 seconds in a straight line, I have found IMHO the ultimate weekend warrior sport. There is nothing else like it.

Do a search on your computer under SCCA and autocrossing to find a local chapter. We are the Buccaneer region in my part of the world.

Be warned, once you start, you will have a hard time stopping!:D

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