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Smell of gas

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Dec 7, 2001
San Antonio, TX
folks....recently starting smelling gas fumes out of my LT1, particularly when sitting at idle with AC/heat on. I've been all over the engine, can't find any sign of a leak...so, I'm thinking that it's got to be coming from my exhaust....i.e., running rich and I'm smelling the exhaust that's coming back under the car. I got behind the car with it running and it does smell rich...when i cut off the engine i continued to smell wafts of gas fumes, again coming from the rear. But, the smell isn't as strong as what I get sitting in car. Guess that could be because I'm in a confined space, vice standing in the great outdoors---duh! So, with my limited corvette experience--all of two weeks now--I need some help. Seeing that there's no sign of any leaks, could this be a problem with 02 sensors, or something amiss with the MAF? Any suggestions are appreciated....

BTW, per my previous posting regarding the peeling/flaking leather paint....the dealer I bought my car from--off of ebay, by the way--has agreed to take both seats back and get them professionally refurbished (at his expense) and as a result of my inconvenience with the seat situation, he said he'd also pick up the tab for replacing all the cracked weatherstripping (about $500 worth). Now that's service!
WOW! What a great deal!

How great to hear of a dealership willing to go the extra mile!

Regarding the gas smell. I have had two instances of similar problems with my 78.

The first occured with a worn fuel line that had cracked. It was the one that ran over the top of the gastank and the leak was dripping down the tank and onto the (hot) mufflers! The smell was horrible in the vette, idle or driving, windows up or down. Replaced the hose and was good to go. Good reccommendation for a fire extinguisher!

The second problem occurs only on hot days when the tank is under 1/2 full and too much pressure builds up. I alleviate this by never letting the tank get below 1/2 during the summer. This problem, I think, is an evaporative canister problem.

With the technological advances your vette has over mine, I am not sure how my 2 situations will assist you in determining your problem. I am sure someone will have experience with this and be able to assist you.
78...thanks for the feedback. No cracks in the fuel line...but, you may be on to something with the less than 1/2 tank full of gas. Thinking back, the 2-3 times I have smelled gas, I've been below 1/2 tank...hmmm. I'll have to fill up and see if that solves the problem. Thanks!
I doubt if it's a serious condition from what you describe so far, but I'd also determine exactly what IS causing the odor in the first place. If it the beginning of deterioration of some lines or connections, you'd want to find it as soon as you can. It's definitely not a safe condition when you can smell gasoline vapors :nono - that's what ignites, not the liquid itself. :eek

ken..thanks for the advice. My first stop after getting my seats back and installed will the the vette shop. Happy New Year to you!
Check the Connections to the Fuel Injectors I found mine looked very old/worn/cracked when I removed my fuel rail's to do the porting on my plenum. Also like mine check the injector it self what'll happen it the ""Leaky"" injector will leak overnight as the car rests and when you start it in the morning youll bet a puff of black out the tail pipe followed by a stench the girls love the most

Check it out who knows
Your charcol fuel vapor canister may be full or leaking. It is designed to keep the stinky fuel vapors out of the air and then burn them during a specific engine cycle. It is possible this car has been in a previous collision and that canister was ruptured and giving off raw fuel vapors right from the tank vent.

The G.M. service manual gives specific instructions on servicing the unit. You need to get that info and read through it so you can locate the unit on your car, then inspect it.

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