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Nov 6, 2020
United states
Why does the C5 look so smooth? It just gives me the impression that it glides through the air with ease. Not to mention the convertible, it looks even better with the top down. Probably my second favorite Corvette. Just attach sleepy eye headlights, halo taillights, and it’s golden. Then make the body laguna blue which is the best color for a Corvette in my opinion and it is a beauty.



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I agree the C5 is very sleek. I bought a 97' last summer and it's awesome can't wait to get it back on road this spring. Just started her up recently and she's ready to go!
Here's my baby, 1st year 1997 C5 six speed Sebring silver. Bought with 26000 mi. Now has 30000. Looks showroom condition.


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Here's my baby, 1st year 1997 C5 six speed Sebring silver. Bought with 26000 mi. Now has 30000. Looks showroom condition


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Thank you . I'm gonna up grade the radio this year to something nice n modern. Other than that she's clean as a whistle
I have a question about the clear targa top for the C5. Mine is peeling bad and I want to replace it. I've seen some on the different aftermarket sites. Does any one Know if they are good and do they fit properly. Any suggestions where to buy
Do you plan to keep it silver or change The body color?
The silver paint is in great condition. And it's classy and different u don't see too many silver C5 around. So I think I'll keep it silver
I bought a new 1999 Corvette Convertible in March of '99. What a beautiful car. It had all the options except the 3 thousand dollar wheels. Like a dummy I sold it.

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