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so many choices, only so many dollars

Gaming Glen

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Apr 16, 2002
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
1996 Grand Sport convertible, 2003 red coupe
I had lunch with former co-workers (I "retired") and across the street was a larger Chevy dealership. So I said, what the heck, and went over for a look. A beautiful electron blue convertible was sitting in the showroom (okay, where's my drool bucket?). I said to the salesman neaby (who was hiding his drooling well :) ) that I wanted to see a Z06. He said to go upstairs to the garage area where there are several. So up the stairs I went. Oh my gawd! (where's the drool ditch?). So many 'vettes (18 in all) to choose from, all colors, all styles.... *sigh*, I heard my wallet faint with a large thud. :D

So, now that I'm not going to get the SE 50th 'vette, and the C6 is another 2 years away, I want a manual in both 'vettes (the C5 is auto) .... I want a new one. But I'm in a quandary. I'd really like to get the Z06, but I prefer the coupe styling and the extra carrying space it has (a question for Z06 owners: I just brought home a new PC and the monitor had to be taken out of the box but then could fit in the coupe.. can a large monitor fit in a Z06, besides on the seat?). And the $10G difference does matter since I'm no longer working (I can afford to buy a new 'vette once for the forseeable future).

Then there's the color choice. Torch red or EB? I already have a blue 'vette, but the EB looks really sharp. :confused

How much of a discount do you think I can get for a 2002 model in a few months when the 2003s start showing up? (if the dealer still has them) Will they deal on the previous year's model? By how much? (a recent investment will come back this fall which gives me the money to buy my new 'vette so the timing is good for it).

fyi, I'm trading in the green C5. My garage only has room for 2 cars (+ lawn mower tractor :eyerole).



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Jan 22, 2002
Height and width won't be a problem, but even 14" deep is borderline in the trunk. How about a flat screen monitor! Joking- I know you've already got it. Actually, taking it out of the box is required for most cars nowadays.

Needless to say, if you trade your car, you'll end up with less than if you sell it outright.

The '03 Z is effectively the same as this year's final cars except for decals. There is some disagreement over whether rear compartment covers are going to be provided. The magnetic ride option on the other '03 models, however, should be a step forward. Pewter will not be available on the new cars.

With any model, it's going to depend upon how much the dealer is willing to deal. Generally, '02's would cost less, but be worth less. Keep an eye on the sequence number of the VIN- the last five- and if you see ones with plastic wheel nut covers, they were built before March.

Drive both the models as much as possible. Some people complain about the difference between them and the Z's no frills approach. I don't, but some do.


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Aug 24, 2001
Chatsworth, CA
2008 C6 Coupe
I agree with rwd. You should drive both and see which one you like better. Power wise the Z06 is the choice, but like you said you may not like or want the hardtop. Either way you can't go wrong. Good luck with your choice.


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Apr 30, 2002
Houston, TX
1977 Black L-82 4-speed
Ive seen dealers going as much as $6000 off of MSRP (including the $1000 GM rebate) on all 2002's. You definitely should try selling the 98 to a private party since the dealers will not give you much for it. Considering the C6's will be coming out soon, the price for C5's will drop considerably (always happens with new models). If you can hold off for a year or two you should be able to get some DEEP discounts on C5's when the C6 comes out. Just my $0.02. If you really want one know then you should be able to work with some dealers to get $6000 off.


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