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So many guages, so little room



Although c-3s have a decent collection of guages I am a little whacky regarding guages (amoung other things). Exhaust temperature, vacuum, A/F, trans & rear temp, knock sensors etc all enhance the driving experience and cause many near misses with trees as I evaluate their message.
My question is whether anyone has come up with some creative and ideally non-destructive (to the dash, console, a-pillars) ways to mount auxillary guages.
Only thing I have ever seen is to replace the clock with one additional guage.

I've never seen them for Corvettes specifically, but if they make 'em for the A-pillars in Mustangs (and other assorted musclecars), they should have 'em for the Vette too, right? :confused

Interesting . . . I have considered mini gauges, perhaps LEDs, outside the windshield, under the hood directly forward of the wipers, perhaps suspended from the hood in the area of the center grill. Just a thought. Of course the down side is that you can't drive the car in the rain. On the other hand, I live in So. Cal. and my vette has never seen rain, snow, hail, etc . . . nor is it likely to, at least not while I'm alive. This method would preserve originality, if that is of consern to you, and it would provide that much needed information as to operating status.
Thanks for the suggestions. Under the hood is an idea I hadn't thought of.
The L-88 hood has enough room under it with an overhang to mount them. I also remember seeing Chevelles or Novas with three guages mounted right on the bodywork. They look pretty
good but violate my "destructive" test.
APC (American Products Company) appartly makes a three pod dash mount enclosure (for a Honda) which I am considering mounting over the defroster vent.
It would be non-destructive as I could afix it by using a plate and screw arrangement to pull down the pod onto the dash. I would then make several vents in the back of the pod to maintain the defrost fuction. The wires would run down the duct making a pretty clean install.
Another option, if I could get some cooperation from Autometer, is to find a A-pillar mount with the same width and/or length as the vette pillar and modify it to fit.
Finally the last idea I had was to buy another console plate and angle mount them (or graft a pod) in the ashtray location. This would be destructive but easily returned to stock.
I'm surprised someone like ecklers hasn't come up with a custom fit alternative.
Good point racer. All the trees just breathed a sigh of relief. :)

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