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Speakers for my 73?



Well... I was looking through the manual and could not find the sizes of what the speakers are so I can replace them... and ummm I don't see or hear back (rear) speakers.. I guess there might not be any lol..

can someone tell me what sizes.. I can get 4 1/2?... 4?... 6 1/2?..

I plan to keep the original and not do any cutting.. but want crisper and better sound :)
Back speakers

I can garuntee you up to 99.9% that there are no i repeate no sapeakers in the back of your Vette I know that there are two in the dash But have no clue as to thier size and i don't know about the speakers n the door but i have a good betteng chance that there are none in the door either. My best idea for you to get a better sound is have a box w/ subs mids and highs setup with a deck in the car pref. the glove as to most not knowing to look there. that way you don't tear anything out or up but it is your vette you should do with it what you please
Yah... at looking at it for awhile I can't find speakers in the rear unless they magically can put speakers behind the matts and make them sound good heh.

I know I have speakers behind the kicker panels and on the dash for sure!... cause I tested them..

as for putting a .. player.. do you mean like cassette, cd player in the glovebox and just running wires to it... cause.. I was thinking of just buying a new mid section where the radio and the surrounding area is.. and just take out the original part of that... so that it don't get harmed or anything, then customize the new piece for a cd player right there :)

that way when it comes down to it.. I have all the original pieces to put back on it.. I could use all the feedback possible before I rip into anything :)
Found out the speakers behind the kicker panels are 4x6.. was searching the web.. and found replacements :)

but.. don't want that kind..

as for the dashboard ones I think they are 4x2.
Yes you have the right idea about what i was saying run wires to the deck in the glove as far as it being cd cassette it is up to you cd would probably sound better. If you want to take out your out and hold the origanal you can do that but i have heard people that tried doing that and tore the equiptment and the mid up. But maybe it was just because they were being a little to rough. Your way should work just be very careful.

I guess it sounds logical to put a new cd player in the glove box.. for the fact that I don't have to worry about spec restrictions of it not fitting.. I am sure I can even get a double din in there heh..

I found some good speakers to replace the ones if any behind the kicker panels.

I have a good clarion cd player in mind for the deck, just I have a clarion in my other car, so might as well so that I can use the 10 disc changer for both :)

who knows it has a kenwood cassette in it right now.. might just leave that and get a portable cd player.. :)

just gotta get that switch for the battery cause it is currently killing the battery :(

But I think I know the wire that is the culprit now.. they seems to be hot wired.. so there is no fuse control or any control over it..
Thats the way i have my car rigged for right now with a portalbe because i don't feel like removing the deck. besides kenwood is a good name but the fact that it has a cassette in it could mean that it has been modified before.


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