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Spoiling for a spoiler!



I want this spoiler so bad!...but Ecklers has been unable to give me any information about it.
A photo is in their 2001 Spring/Summer catalog on page 22. It is a photo showing factory decal kits, and the spoiler in particular I am longing for is on the 78 Silver Anniversary, photo number 32885.
Does anyone have any ideas? It must be custom, or a spoiler for a different make of car...I just don't know what! I am looking for body shops in my area to take this photo to...but does anyone else have any suggestions?
Darn, my Ecklers hasn't come in the mail yet:( I'd like to see the wing if anyone can post a pic of it.....

Hi 78SilvAnniv,

I think the spoiler you'r looking for is from the ACI collector series body styling kit. It's shown in the Mid America catalog nr 11B page 228. Collector Rear Wing part nr. 600-864 $ 199.95.

How was your weekend?

quick post

Thanks Rene,
I will make this short, as I want to dig out my MidAmerica catalog!
Weekend show was fine...I see now why I prefer to promote rather than participate...too much of nothing to do for too long.
If you're helping to put on the show, you are busy, get to see everything and never get bored!!!!
Gonna run for the catalog now...
ps...Ecklers has the same photo in all it's past catalogs, too. Always within the first 25 pages, if you have an old one hanging around.
I need to slow down my typing!

"Sivler" indeed! :L

Well, I have Ecklers, Paragon and Zip...no MidAmerica catalog yet. :(
I will keep this info in mind and look it up when I do receive it.

Not so patiently waiting...

D80 Pace Car Spoiler Option

Silver, did you ever get anywhere in your search for front and rear spoilers for your '78SA.

I am wanting to get the Option that was offered from Chevrolet on my '79.

It appears that this Option is pretty popular by the postings here on the subject. Surprising that Chevrolet didn't sell more than the 6,000 or so on the '79s?


Not yet

No, I haven't gotten that spoiler yet. We have had other issues with the 78 that required attention. Safety & reliability before cosmetics.

My personal opinion...I don't like the 78 Pace spoilers. I couldn't tell you why I don't like them, no reason stands out, they just strike me in a bad way and I don't like them.

There are many people who do like them, and I am hoping that someone will come along and post about their experiences for you. Overall, if you purchased from a reputable Corvette source (ecklers, midamerica, corvette central, et cetera...) you should be pleased with the final results.
Silver, Thanks for your reply

I really like the way it makes the car look and since I need and want both my bumpers re-painted I thought that it would be a good time to do the spoilers too since they would need to be painted also.

As you may have notice by my signature, I am a purist and want the exact or as close to original to the D80 Option for 1979 as I can get.

I'll let everyone know if I go ahead with this project how it turns out. Will probably wait until the snow flies here as I am having way too much fun driving the car now in the beautiful Fall Season here!

Thanks again,

Hey Sil,
Was wandering through my Ecklers Catalog and ran into a wing that looks really familiar! part no. 10307 LT Rear wing made for 80-82 but looks sharp it looks really really close to the one in the pic you stated but check it out see what you think.

Thank you!

I have an Ecklers, I will check it out!

Before you order a spolier, check out Vanacors Corvette at
I believe this is one of the places supplying parts to the BIG 3.
All three sell the same LT-1 Spolier for around 399.00.
You can order direct for 299.00 (save a 100 bucks!)
Thank you, Craig

Someone recommended Vanacor to me several months ago and I could not access their site nor reach them by phone. I'll try again.

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