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Hi, I just bought an 84 sport coupe, which I found sitting in a field. I have always been a corvette fan and couldnt bear to let it just die. I am restoring it but dont have a lot of knowledge when it come to electrical work. My first problem is that the passenger side sport seats dont work and I wantd to ensure that I am operating them correctly before I go tearing into the seats them selves. I dont have a user manual and the "on console/Dash" information has been worn off. does anyone know if there is a certain switch I should look at or is this one question way out of left field? Also if anyone has a user manual or any onther information they could email me about I would be grateful

Welcome To The Corvette Action Center Brewdawg!

Congrats on your recent acquisition of the '84. :upthumbs

Operating (owners) Manuals, among much other required reading, is available from any of the major aftermarket suppliers such as Mid America, Corvette Central, Eckler's, etc.. ;)

I suggest that you look into some of this literature, the information contained within will prove invaluable as you get more involved with your Vette. :D

As for the seats, I'll have to dig out some literature of my own to see if there was any difference in the '84s from the later years (at least to my year - '87). Are they "Sport Seats"?

Oh, and by the way, Brewdawg.... Welcome to the forum!!!
Sporting around

So... did the car come factory with DUAL power seats if it did there should be 2 sets of seat rack in the center console switches. If you do there should be a seperate 2 conductor wire that goes under the bottom pad of the seat to power the lumbar pump, side supports & recliner motor.

I assume that the drivers seat works fine, dig under there to find the wiring ( just to get an idea of how it hooks up) pop the clip under the FWD lip of the front seat to lift the bottom pad up. and you will see how the wiring gets to the seat.

Do the same on the passenger side and let us know what you find

My first C4 was an 84.... I share your pain... good luck!

Thanks for the help

FIrst I would like to thank everyone for thier help. SO Thanks!
To add on to my knowledge is that I pulled the seats and yes both seats are powered and have the lumbar system. However, I only see one power seat swtich in the console. I did however find that the wire goes from the switch to the drivers side seat then separates and goes to the passenger side. which is why I was wandering if I might not be operating them correctly. ANy switch adjustments I make only effect and move the drivers seat. I have a haynes manual but it doesnt go very much into the seats, wiring, or operation. I am still hoping that I might have overlooked a switch somewhere that alternates the power from the switch and drivers/passenger seats. but I dont think I have missed any.

Single switch?Hmmmm

My 88 has dual I have never heard of a set up for seats like the mirror control ( Hit the switch to control left or right side) ?????

So under the passenger side seat you should have 1 9 way connector ( to control the seat rack fwd-back-up/down etc) and 1 2pin connector for the sport seat stuff.

Open the hatch for the jack & stuff behind the drivers seat, you should find the RPO codes, write em down ( ALL OF EM ) you can decode what the factory codes mean... and see if the car ( from the factory ) had the sport seats installed. This should help in the quest....

So where does the passenger seat wiring go to?? does it just stubb off and not connected...more detail here please....
Actually, it connects right to the passenger seat power hook ups. there are three different connectors I think but it may have only two cant remember off hand, it does look factory though.

I thinks it's picture time

Do you have a digital camera?

I think you have the wrong switch assy in the center console there should be 3 connectors
1) power to the switch assy
2) output to Drivers seat
3) output to passenger seat

In the center console there should be switches on the left side of the hole ( driver )
the right side""""""""""" ( passenger )
and the front of the hole ( Mirror )
with the control left or right mirror switch on top

Okay, went back and put the interior back in to see how it all fit and yes there are three switches, however only the drivers side works. When I use the switch for the passenger side, it either does nothing or moves the drivers seat. I guess i have a short or something in the switch or the wires have been messed with. judging from the responses the passenger seat should move when i use the switch on the left so I will press on. I do not need to press any other switch to activate it I am assuming as well. I am going to get out my multimeter and start tracking the problem down in the wiring. I will leave the seat itself alone because when I hooked it up to the drivers side it worked.

thanks all,

Bad rack????

So you have a bad passenger side seat rack, maybe?
I find it hard to believe that all 3 motors are bad in the rack... the 9 way connector under the passenger seat is connected right? when you operate the switches.. do you head a motor turning?
Was there a bunch of water...or rust stains under the seat?
Let me know what you find... I will help

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