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Spring help needed



I have a 1978 L48, low miles 4 speed and am doing a pretty thorough refreshing of the car. One of the departments I need some help is the suspension.

I am debating my choices - my Corvette mechanic does not like fiberglass because he has replaced a lot of cracked ones. It appears that I do not have much of a choice in steel - standard or performance.

Need some advice from someone who has firsthand knowledge in this area.

I drive the car almost daily, and have added about 50 horsepower and am ready to refresh the entire suspension - shocks, springs, bushings, hardware, etc.

Jim, This is my personal feelings for what it is worth......Stay with the stock sping. I too have replaced a few busted fiberglass springs, usually within a year from putting them on. As far as bushing, stay with rubber, the ones that you have on there now has lasted almost 23 years, you can't get much better then that. Also the poly bushing are not only noisiey, they are also hard, therefore resulting in a harsher ride and feel on the stearing wheel. Shocks, stick with a stock style shock. I use monroe gas matics, they run about 23.00 at your local parts store and usually have a very good waranty. Back to the springs..........Stay with the 9 leaf spring, much better ride. 50 HP is not enough an increase to warrant a "racing" suspension (unless you got alot of money burning a hole in your pocket) Remember this is the same suspesion that was in the 390 HP Big Blocks of the late 60's and early 70's. I don't think that a 260hp set up is going to hurt them:)........Steve
ssvett about summed it up


I am in agreement with Steve (ssvett) on everything he said. I went through my suspension last winter and replaced everything with new rubber, I used the Delco adjustable gas shocks. I took the rear spring out to replace it but had problems getting another 9 leaf to fit right, so I put the old one back in with new rubber and bolts

If your 78 came with a 7 leaf, 2 1/4" rear spring, I would go to the 9 leaf, 2 1/2".

Nice response ssvett;)

I second that, I called and talked to Dave at Guldstrand for quite some time. He's a great guy and answered all of my questions and even gave me some straight forward advice based on what I want for my suspension. I will be making some purchases very shortly. Thanks Dave!

Great advice folks. You are mirroring the recommendation of my mechanic who works almost exclusively on Corvettes. I had been leaning in this direction, but your reinforcement is very, very helpful. I am having a blast with this car - have owned and driven a lot of fun stuff - including some racing cars - and C3 Corvettes are absolutely fantastic.

Thanks again folks!

I stayed with the steel spring, but went with the Gymkana Spring. I noticed a difference in performance. Things used to get scarey around 125mph...now I can comfortably do 145mph... I haven't pushed it much farther than that.
good advice

Good advice on the spring, Jim. Our '81 is equipped with a glass spring from the factory and it has always performed great. However there is a big difference between the cars that were built with glass springs and the aftermarket ones. Click on the Guldstrand banner at the top of the page and talk to Dave. He will get you on target in a heartbeat.

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