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Squeaking Panel Top in Holder - Fixed!



A few weeks ago I was at the dealer getting my painted panel top repaired. I was hopping to just drop off the painted top and so brought along the clear top stored in the holder in back. While I was driving I heard a terrible squeaking from the back on the passenger side primarily. When I met with the dealer, the shop guy brought my car up and noticed the same thing. He mentioned there was a simple fix for that. The panel is rubbing on the side brackets where they rest. To address this, they ran a 1 inch wide strip of the fuzzy Velcro, about 4 inches long, onto each side bracket. They used the self adhesive Velcro and laid the strip facing up so that when the panel is in the holder, it is resting on top of the Velcro.

Squeaking averted!

Wonder if anyone else has this issue. It seemed to be mostly with the clear top I had, and rarely would I have that top stored in the back. But now, no more annoying noise.:D Hope this helps!

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