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Squeaky dashboard...anyone else experience this?



I was in a friend's 80 last night, which was a
nice car. I have to mention though, that the squeak coming from the dash was irritating in such a nice Vette. Any time the Vette would move in a major way (acceleration, turns) the dash would go "squeak squeak squeak."

Has anyone else experienced this? He has the original dash. I have to say I would rank getting rid of that squeak above a new paint job on the priorities list. (But I won't tell him that!) ;)

my 71 used to squeak and rattle. i put on headers and sidepipes and that must have been the cure. no more squeaks or rattles.
Every vette rattles

That is part of the joy of corvette ownership ,,let the top down and kick it,,,,It will go away
What rattle????

Well, I have noticed a few (?) rattles in our 81. but nothing that taking off the tops and turning up the radio doesn't fix. :eyerole

Vettes are known to have many mysteriious rattles and noises in the earlier models. That is how you know it is a true corvette.:upthumbs

Just enjoy the ride and forget those noises. That is what I always do.:s

yellow 81

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