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Stabilty control requirement


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Mar 9, 2005
Jacksonville, FL
2002 MY Roadster
Has anyone read this?

Stability Control

The part which gets me is this;

NHTSA says it will cost automakers a little more than $100 a car to install the technology.

What do you suppose the consumer will be tagged for price wise, or look at it this way. It is basically the same as what the Corvette's have now. Just imagine what repair cost will be, knowing what they are currently for the Corvette.

While I will agree this is probably a good idea. I for one would like to see a requirement for driving school, where the dynamics of cars are taught (Learning to drive by the seat of one's pants, listening to the car, etc.) and a requirement to teach all how to drive a standard transmission.

Of course along with this banning all cell phone usage while driving also. Basically, teaching one that driving is just that, driving (it could be your life) and not a job of doing everything but driving which happens now. I say most current drivers do not drive but 'aim,' and most do a poor job of that.

My 1/50th of a dollar

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