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Stance, mods, and the overall direction of my resto-mod


Mar 2, 2002
Dark Blue 1982 Trans Am(s): Polo Green 1995 MN6
Well, my '80 Vette has had some issues with getting the stance right. The original monospring was replaced with a stiffer spring at some point in the past. The problem with the higher rate spring is that it raises the height of the rear end as well.

I took care of that last night with a couple of extra long spring bolts from Zip. I dropped the rear end about an inch- which places back at the factory height pre-spring.

The 4.5" back space on the wheels places them under the fenders without the 255/50/17s sticking out. Yeah- stance is perfect!!!!

As for the overall direction of the project... the look I'm going for is modern elements / classic lines. So, I may be going back with the OEM seats. Not that my new seats are uncomfortable- they are the best I've ever sat in- but they may not match the direction I want to go with. The farther I get into the project, the more I think I'm leaving the body lines alone (no L88 hood this time!). If I were going with fender flares, 18" wheels, hooker side pipes... then it might be different (like 69MyWay's Killer).

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