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i have a 68 vette with a 327 and automatic trans. i removed the starter and it had a aluminum nose with 2 of the same length bolts (long). the replacement starter has an aluminum nose with one long and one short bolt. it shows that way in my assembly manual.
question: is it okay to use the long and short bolt starter?
thanks, JIM
The long & short of it

Welcome aboard JIM:
Purely a guess ... seems like I ran into that years ago on an old Chevelle. Still guessing, but I cannot envision a problem with the One-long-bolt-starter. Just have a couple starter shims (local parts store) handy. And use grade 8 bolts. Did yours have any shims in it with the old starter? Have you thought about having your old starter rebuilt locally? Just about every town has a guy who rebuilds car starters-alternators-generators. Hang in there ... someone else here will come along with a "real" answer. Let us know how it works out!
As I remember the short\long bolt nose cone is for the same diameter as the two long nose as long as the bolts are in line. If they are short\long in a diagonal pattern they fit the smaller flex plate. Please note, it's been a long time and I may be wrong.
Worse case if it's wrong, the starter pinion either will not clear, or not touch the flexplate.

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