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72 bluzman

Thank you all for the welcome and advice on my interior lights. I'm going to work on them this coming week. My fiancee and I took our Vette for our Sunday drive and another problem cropped up. When I first start the Vette cold, the engine squeals for a minute or so, then the noise stops. After the engine is warm, and is shutoff and started again, the squeal is gone. I'm thinking it's the alternator, am I right or could it be something else? Again, thanks for the welcome, and I'm glad I joined.
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Gee, it could be any one, or any number of your rotating components. Ya gotta be more specific. ;)
Welcome to the Forum, nice to have you here. We will try to help you out.

I think you have a loose belt.

Give it a good physical inspection. Check for any excessive wear. Sometimes when you put a new belt on it will stretch a little and will have to be tightened up again.

That should fix it.

I have to agree

It sounds like a loose belt...since it only does this when it's cold. Do examine the belts for wear on their inside edge/track. Also try poking or pulling on them between pulleys to see how much play they have. If they all seem the same, try adjusting all of the components tighter and see if that solves the squealy noise.
Ditto on the belt answer. If you are going to be driving the car, and it seems that you are, I'd skip the restoration belts. The quality isn't as good and they slip more than the newer belts. I use the ones w/ teeth and they work fine.

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