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starting problem 94 coupe


New member
May 11, 2002
macomb, MI, usa
1994 polo green coupe
My 94 coupe sometimes won't start. It will make a clicking noise and then no noise at all... But when I disconnect the battery with the quick disconnect knob and reconnect it. It starts right up, and I have also seen the SYS flash on my dash a few times.
Starting problems 94 coupe

If you are using those green quick disconnect knobs that could be the problem. I tried those for a time but quickly discovered they do not connect very well unless you use a pair of pliers on them and that defeats the purpose of using them. Try running without them for awhile, I bet your problem disappears with them.

Hope this helps............
Battery Quick Disconnect

Amen!!! I replaced two batteries before I discovered the disconnect was the problem . Batteries keep checking Ok, but they would replace them anyhow only to finally discover the disconnect wasn't allowing a good charge from alternator!! Live and Learn.

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