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Steam Clean Engine


Jul 27, 2007
1987 Dark Red Convertible
I'm the new owner of my first Corvette, an 87. The engine is dirty, mostly dirt - dust. Is it recomended to steam clean the engine at a reliable shop or can this cause other problems????????????
I only use a garden hose. Be careful if you use a degreaser. It can discolor some of the underhood and engine components. A soft bristle brush works wonders. You do not need high pressure. Stay away from electrical connections. After washing, run the engine to warm it up and it will dry most of the water.

Be very careful - there is a lot of stuff under the hood that doesn't like water.
I clean them with a Steam Jenny all the time!! I use very little cleaners other than 3 oz Lemon Joy and 1/2 oz bleach in 3 gal water in a yard sprayer!!! "Cold Engine" Soak it down with the solution, let it soak for 10 min and hit it with steam!!! 230-250 deg water will clean more than you think by it's self!!!:upthumbs

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