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Steering column, gas tank and good reference books



Just registered last week, so first off I'd like to say "Hi" to everyone out there. Been reading previous posts for a little while now and they couldn't be more helpful.

Just started working on a "project car" (red auto '74 coupe, stock l-48), that was in rough shape when I got it, but was being driven. It has sat for 3-4 years in my hands though. Got it running after a Saturday of rebuilding the carb.

Here's a list of problems I've encountered:

1. Dropped the gas tank and found all kinds of crud in there. Drained the tank and put fresh gas in and it came out (the bottom, see next problem) like orange juice concentrate, orange and clumpy, a little runny. Clogged the fuel lines from the tank to the fuel pump, bad. Was this rust that got "reconstituted" with the fresh gas? Could it do damage to the fuel pump? Hooked up a gas can directly to the fuel pump and out to a container until it ran clean. Hope that was enough for the pump.

2. As mentioned before, fuel ran out the bottom of the tank. There was a hole maybe 3/8" in diameter rusted through. One of my buddies mentioned that I could get the tank flushed at a radiator shop but I'm wondering could the hole be repaired? If so, can anyone recommend a shop here in Los Angeles.

3. Upper half of the tilt and tele steering column is loose and wobbly. What are the typical problems and repairs associated with this?

Lastly, I have the Haynes manual and Corvette restoration guide but I'd like to have something a little more thorough and better diagrammed. I was thinking about the assembly manuals. Can anyone recommend these (Assm Man) or other books?

Thanks in advance,


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