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Steering column issues, what did I miss?



I recently tightened up my column by working on the pivot pins. After putting the column back together I can move my steering wheel at least 1 rotation with the ignition key out. I missed something related to the column lock/ ignition key? The car starts fine and the key rotates like it should in all positions. Hopefully someone here can help me out. Thanks in advance.

Tin butcher

It sounds like the lock pin isn't working. If you pull the steering wheel off, you can see the lock plate - it is right below the snap ring. You should also see the lock pin (the shop manual calls it a BOLT, shaft Lk). When you turn the key to the off position, the pin extends into the plate, locking the wheel. There is a spring on the bottom side of the pin and if you don't get it put back right, the pin won't move with the key. If the spring is correct, sometimes there is dirt/corrosion on the pin or in the hole in the housing. Hopefully this helps.


Steering column

Thanks for the reply, I took the column apart and the lock spring had jumped a cog. I put the lock spring back in place and so far I'm back in business. I'm thinking I'll be in the market for a new spring if it happens again.

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