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Steering returning to center on a '73



Question: Is it possible for a power steering pump to be the cause of steering not returning to center without a little help? I have rebuilt and aligned the front end as well as a new steering box and slave cylinder still the car needs a little help getting back to center.
You may need to balance the Control Valve.. take a look at this THREAD for a little more detail.

Also, check the bearing pre-load adjustment on the steering gear box. If it is set a little too tight, the steering will have a tendency to not re-center itself.


How much caster do you have dialed-in? Caster determines return-to-center force for the steering, and with power steering you can dial in far more than without power steering without affecting steering effort.
Does anyone think it is possible the PS pump is not working correctly in this situation? It doesn't leak or whine, I'm wondering if my not be producing enough pressure?

I have played with the steering box, seems to be right on.

I will check into the caster idea as well as balancing the control vlalve

I can tell you that the valve adjustment on the power steering actuator is critical.

I remember when I had my 74 it was having the same type of problem.

I was amazed when my Dad showed me how to jack up the car in the front, pop the cover off the end of the actuator, crank up the car, and adjust the nut until it would stay at center.

I don't think you are having any problems with the pump from this description.
It's on the list of things to do! I will let everyone know the results?

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