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Stereo upgrades?



Are there any good bolt in stereo systems that will fit into the hole for the Bose unit with as little modifications as possible? I am not worried about wiring, just the "box". I currently have a 92 coupe with the Bose CD/tape player.


Check out Ecklers, Corvette Central and the like. They have direct replacement units.
bose cd upgrade

i have a '91(lil' red) with bose cassette-cd. sounded terrible when i first got it. at least one speaker would play and after a minute or so it would start screaming,really loud. so, i have an authorized bose repair station in my neighborhood, really. he rebuilt my speaker amps and replaced the cd unit(panasonic) for less than $600 . i couldn't have replaced it for that. and he didn't break anything. it really sounds great. i'll put my bose up against anybodys 60hz thumper anyday. nuff said..........denver t
Re: bose cd upgrade

DTidw35934 said:
and he didn't break anything. it really sounds great.

I think those are the two most important things!:D
Stereo Replacements

I replaced the aftermarket unit in my 84 with a din-sized Pioneer Head unit. The remaining space was filled by a 1/2 din-sized EQ from Rockford Fosgate. To make the install look right, get a Metra Universal Chevy Stereo Installation kit. Also get a Metra Plug to interface with your stock plug and make the install simple. Total time is about two hours. I went a little further and installed a Pioneer four channel amp, a Fosgate two channel amp, and pulled the entire Bose speaker system out and replaced it with Fosgate 6 1/4 in the front with 1 inch separates on the dash, and Fosgate 6x9 in the rear holes. Custom built my own box for a 10 inch sub (only lost 8 inches of depth and 12 inches of width in the cargo area). The system took a day to install, sounds far better than the Bose system, and has adjustability. I may loose points for not having a stock system, but this is my daily driver.
Check out my website for a list of what I've got.
Very nice. I've built systems simular to that into Mustangs before. My objective, however (and I'm still working this angle) is to create a subwoofer system without loosing the rear cargo area. I am willing to sacrifice the pockets, but not the cargo area. The end result will be a Corvette that looks stock inside but has an integrated sound system that is hidden from plain sight.

Sound quality competitions rate a system on its integration into the vehicle...how would the manufacturer have installed these components to make them blend with the car. Maximum bass (sometimes referred to as Sound Pressure Level or SPL) is part of the equation in Sound Quality, but bass-heavy systems actually loose points in the comp. The ability of a system to produce even levels of sound at frequencies across the spectrum (pink noise) is the mark of a well designed sound-quality system. Tuned for sound quality, your system will sound like #@^%*!! But you can always readjust the EQ later. :D

If you objective is to punish the car next to you with sound, then you are on the right track. Seems like your car should do a sufficient job of drowning out the shrieks of the Mustang and Import punks that get a little too feisty, as well as grind their camshafts into the asphalt.

Have fun.
Couple routes here :

One, you could buy a install package which would allow you to apply any deck you wanted in there


Two, Pioneer, Alpine, JVC (I think) make a unit sized for your car ( I think its Din and a half) The Pioneer is available in two options.
One is a basic ready to go CD player which is a nice little unit for basic systems. The other Pioneer looks way cooler however does a lot more as well If Im not mistaken its a tape and CD player. It is a 4V system which allow a big system to hook up with no problems (Of course this unit is bigger dollars by at least double.

The Alpine is available in a number a varietys (not sure with 2002 models) however from my postion and no offense to anyone with Alpine Im not a big fan. They have had a Decade and a half problem with the LED light burning out and sensitive CD player (Of course from ym experience as a back yard installer.)

The JVC Ive seen was older (again not sure on 2002 models) its decent and bare to the bones basic enough said

Good luck bud with the Corvette though watch out for static noise with the whole car made of fiber glass and only a couple grounding strips Static Noise is a notrious problem. Make sure you run good grounds and direct power. But most importantly run your RCA's AWAY AS FAR AS POSSIBLE from your powers usually this is a general rule with installing but on the Vette make sure you do it.

All in all a easy install have fun.
Oh ya with your box It will work Ive done the EXACT same thing with the pockets. (Pictures of my Car coming soon guys)

I made a box 4 inchs high that covered the ENTIRE rear of the car creating a ""sub floor"" . It looks like the stock floor except a brass handle.

I have the box divided into two areas with a piano hinge. the opening part reavels a Sony 7557 5 channel Mobile ES with Stinger wiring.

The closed half is simply a "dust cover" for my (next month) Kicker Solo Baric's (the square ones LOL)

Like I said the box is 4 inchs deep by the width and length of the cargo area. The sub sit open into the pockets which enables me to remove the box at any time and still have the pockets and if I ever sell simply reapply the pocket door and of you go.

Real pain in the Ars with no pictures but I hope you get the idea the air space in those pockets will take a 12" however without damping. I run the 10's and it pounds pretty good.

Because of the pound welcome to squeaks and rattles you never knew you had....One word DYNOMAT,BROWN BREAD, AIC whatever LOL but thats a whole other story.
radio installation in place of bose system

hi adam, i installed a kenwood cd player in place of my old bose system.the bose came out and the kenwood sits on the bottom of the hole.the top of the hole i turned into a cd storage area.your hole size is whats known as a double din.there are suppliers that offer a double din cd-receiver.however if you want to use your choice of cd-receivers then you have to do some mods.such as removing all the amp/ speaker modules [ 4] and installing speakers to replace them.i reused the rear enclosures and found some cerwin-vega three way speakers with cross overs,and separate tweeters to go perfectly in the enclosures.in the front of my 1990 coupe are floor speakers.i removed the modules and used the grill that is part of the side carpeting to house new speakers also cerwin-vega.the whole system works great and i have as good or better sound for a fraction of the cost of repairing my shot bose.and the dash install looks factory. plus i ebayed the head unit and modules offsetting my cost i have not gone into installation details and there are a few.if you want more info email me. dinosaurdoctor@hotmail.com
Saving $$ is very true

The $$ you could spend repairing the bose system could be invested in a new, killer, system. Mind you this cost me $1200 (and 12 hours) but just hear me out.

1: installed a Pioneer Premiere CD/MP3 player (off the wall=cheep)

2: installed Rockford Fosgate 5 channel amp. 2 channels for the Dash(Boston Acoustics) and door(JL Audio), the other two for the rear(Polk) and the last for the subs (2 JL Audio 8"s, soon to be a
8" Solo Baric Kicker L7. Highly Reccomended for space and sound!).

3: Now the trick part. rewiring all of the speakers. Not so bad if you have a coat hanger and some electical tape.

4: Now the Really trick part, grills for the Polk 6x9s, I cut (destroyed) the original grills middle support ribs and stripped the thin, holey-cover-thing off too, not fun. Then went to Home Depot and bought some light-yet incredibly sturdy black painted, stretched steel ( the slits were about 1/8" wide. It looks perfect, trust me.) Look for the heavy duty screen doors and find the replacement mesh just underneath them) a pair of duckbill Vice grips and some tin snips. Bent the new grill pieces so the had enough lap over the edge (top and bottom) that I could bend it over the edge and not use any adhesives. Oh yeah, The reason I did this is because the orginal covers ribs hit the mids-highs pole in the middle of the 6x9. Not to mention that it just looks kool.

5: The cool part: remove the Polk logos off of the original covers and glue them to your fancy new 6x9 covers.

6: This setup is absolutley punishing! Be careful that you dont get plowed by an errand running Ambulance, fire tuck or wildest police video......cuz...heh....you know.....you wont HEAR them...heh. Uh nevemind.........

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