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Jun 9, 2019
Hopkins MN
I have come to a dead end with my 1982 Corvette. I have done everything to get it running perfectly. I have replaced everything. The last couple things I just did was have my ECM checked out, which is was fine. Then someone on here told me to buy a fuel pump relay, which I did. I also bought a new PROM chip from Summit Racing. I have a 1984 ECM for my 1982 Vette. Cardone says that is what is wrong. Summit Racing say that the ECM doesn't make much difference it's all in the chip. Does anyone know for sure? What's wrong is my idle. It starts fine, runs pretty smooth, but the idle won't kick down. It stays at 1600 rpms. It has to be related to the ECM, but what can I do? Am I doomed because I have a 1984 ECM? Can anyone help me?
I'd take Cardone's work on this problem before I'd take Summit's.

Cardone actually rebuilds ECMs. All Summit does is sell parts.

If you still have your '82 ECM, have you tried reinstalling it?

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