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Still need an oil pan....



Ok its now going on like 4 weeks and still no pan. Chris thanks for the offer buddy but I am not sure it was the right pan. What I am looking for is an 85 oil pan. Has to be the 2 piece rear main seal and passenger side dipstick. Nobody seems to have them for a reasonable price or they want like 2 weeks shipping time. Does anybody know who makes this thing so I can just calll them? I tried Corvette America but they don't even sell it. Got one quote of 145 including the new pickup tube I have to have. Corvette Central doesn't stock it but can get it for 85. Where are they getting it?
You guys are very helpful so sorry if I take advantage of that.
Try this Jack

My email is crashed Jack! If you would like to try me at Tyerfryer@rodrun.com or just reply here I would really appreciate it.
oil pan source

Apparently your email's not working so well ... here's info I sent. Yesterday, I just ordered a new drag race pan from Shaun in alabama at abad71camaro@aol.com it'll be here via UPS Ground on Thursday .... AND he also has (in stock) lots of new stock type pans at ebay for buy it now price of under $25. What you PROBABLY need is a typical factory type pan for an 80 thru 85 sbc ... those have 2 piece rear seal and passenger side dipstick. It might be helpful if you have an existing pan that did fit ... to put pan upside down on floor and measure height of sump at front of sump & rear of sump ... the sump is the reservoir that the oil pump screen extends into ... measurements'll probably be ABOUT 7 to 8 inches. Email Shaun & tell him EXACTLY what you have and what you need. He can probably help & he will sell direct. Give him a try & maybe you get a new pan quickly for small money. Please note his pans are made in Taiwan ... as virtually all new pans are asian ...regardless who sells them ... regardless of price.

BTW, pans come requiring one of two different gasket thicknesses ... that's why many full gasket sets come with both ... you pick the correct one for your pan.
If no luck, you may want to try Summit Racing
race oil pan arrived

My new 7 qt steel pan for 71 sbc just arrived. Sump has angular kickouts on each side and a single baffle & single rear-to-front trap door. 8¼" deep rear sump. Sump footprint is 9¼" front-to-back by 10¼" side-to-side. Painted chevy orange. Has reinforcing tabs at flange-corners. Though asian-made, quality looks pretty good ... of course not as nice as Hamburger's, Milodon or Stef's. Came with bracketed extended oil pickup-screen (it does correctly fit my new HV op) ... total under $65 including shipping. Very similar to Summit's asian pn G3502 ... it's $76 without pickup. Similar to $110 Moroso pn 20190 ... and Moroso doesn't come w/ pickup. I didn't acquire this for racing ... but wanted extra oil capacity for mild 388" street motor. Now, if it'll only fit.

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