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Still waiting on my 2002 Electron Blue Conv.



I have been in sales/marketing for 10 years. I always say to sales people when they are trying to sell me something "don't try to see a salesperson". It is a common expression.

My Vette salesman really sold me!!! I wanted the Electron Blue conv. I did not want to wait long. On June 19th, he said 6 weeks. That should have been around July 31st. I am still waiting and he said it's going to be another four weeks !!!

Have any 2002 Vette's hit the streets yet? Is there a way to track a car on order other than calling the salesperson once a week??

I'm going thru a similar experience...

Except, I'm waiting on LR furniture! When we moved across the USA, we lived for 3+ months in an RV while waiting for our house to close, now that we've been moved in for 3 months, we're STILL sitting on lawn furniture!
I don't think the weekly calls help. But I bet you are more antsy to get your Vette than I am to get my couch and recliner! ;) Let's see...snuggle into the recliner with a good movie and a bowl of popcorn.....or.....strap yourself into a 2002 Vette and take that baby for a RIDE!!!....
Yeah, I'd be way more excited over waiting for a 2002 Vette!
Anticipation, it's killin' ya, isn't it?
I saw a 2002 electron blue coupe at the local dealer in Fl. last week. Its a great color and worth the wait..
Waiting for EB

Just saw an EB Coupe in Nor Calif last night on the show room floor and asking high enough over MSRP that it should be there for some time. Seems some of the dealers are using allocations for people paying more or trying to get a couple for the show room to generate more sales. I had one dealer saying they had an allocation in June/July and pulled the order after they couldn't give me a firm order after 6 weeks at the end of July. Went out of state for order and got better price and order is making progress, good luck getting the EB. It is a head turner. :beer
I have a 2002 Red Torch Convertible, ElectronMan. I picked it up on August 15th..but I didn't order it..so I didn't have to wait. I got a call from our local dealership, letting me know a 2002 had just come off the transport truck and was on the lot, so I went to look at it out of curiosity..and fell in love with it and bought it.

I did order my 2001 Speedway White Coupe and picked it up last August 28th...and the wait seemed forever..so I know how you feel. :) I traded it in on my 2002.

If your vette is coming by transport truck..there is a telephone number that you can call to track it. I will see if I can find the number.

Hang in there...the wait is well worth it...and the Electron Blue is beautiful. :)

I agree with everyone, it is worth the wait. But I bet the wait is killing you because you want it. Besides calling the salesman maybe you should try other dealers around where you live to see if they got any 2002's in. The salesman might just be pulling your leg for some reason, or just maybe they haven't gotten any yet. I know in California the dealers are getting in 2002's. Dealers also receive their shippments according to thier volume. Does the dealer have a high volume or is it small. That could make the difference in when you will get you car.
I just picked up a 2002 quicksilver and yes it is worth the wait and yes the waiting is painful especially with the nice days fading fast. Good luck and I hope you get it really soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool :cool
My dealer called me on Monday (the day before the attacks) and offered me a fully loaded Electron Blue conv. in automatic. I turned it down. He said that he will have mine at the end of the month. -we will see. I live less than 30 miles away from Manhattan. Everything seems a lot less important now.

ElectronMan said:
Everything seems a lot less important now.

Paul, you sure are right about that. :(

The "Tribute" attachment is very nice. I wish I would have had a camera with me last night, we had a massive turn-out downtown Hermosa Beach for a moment of silence and togetherness.

Hope you have been able to work it out with your dealer. Took delivery last weekend and then drove home 4 days through Yellowstone, Grand Teton's, southern Idaho into Nevada, across to Reno, up to Tahoe and back to Bay Area. 1340 miles in 4 days and drive was fantastic, took it real easy first 500 miles on 2 lane roads with little towns and lots of curves and didn't hit an interstate until Idaho and already had 600 miles by then. The wife had fun passing on Hwy 39 out of Twin Falls, very empty on a Sunday afternoon. It was sure worth the wait but glad I'm into the miles of smiles mode. Hope you get one soon, and the 0% financing is also nice.
Ordered 6/01. Expected delivery 7/31. Visited dealer weekly.
9/24- My salesperson says it will be in on Friday.
9/25-Goto dealer to get VIN. My salesperson is not there! QUIT. Informed that car he ordered for me came in 2-weeks ago with tan top and interior. No correct car ordered or going to be in Friday. Dealer would not/could not rush a new order OR discount another car (RAMP Chevy, Long Island, NY). Very calm but upset.
9/26- I start calling other dealers looking for an EB Conv. stick with black top/interior. No luck 14 weeks to order.
9/26- EARLY EVENING... dealer I called called me back to say a customer with same EXACT car I wanted backed out. Rushed to dealer, saw that it was perfect, bought it !!!
9/27- Picked it up.

What an ordeal !!! That all behind me, I LOVE MY EB Conv. It is fully loaded and amazing! 0% financing only makes it the best purchase I have ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad to see you finally got the car you wanted. Sorry to here about all the trouble you had though to get it. I'm sure all that will go away every time you drive your car. Congrats and enjoy.
WOW.. The stress you went through to get your beautiful new vette, Electronman. They say good things don't come easy..sure proves the point with your story. Congratulations and many miles of smiles. :)

I'm late to the party but major congrats on your new baby. There was an E-Blue Z06 at a get together Saturday and it looked great. I swear that color will burn your retinas:eek if you aren't careful.:upthumbs

- Eric
Glad to see another happy EB owner, been so busy out driving I don't surf as much as before, :) And the number of times I get into conversation if I park just makes it nicer. I joined the local Corvette Club, Diablo Valley and look forward learning more all the time. Now if I can get some driving classes and try an autocross in the spring I should be really grinning. Enjoy your Vert. :beer

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