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Suck or blow which is better



I'm talking about an electric fan.......What did you think????Should an electric fan push or pull. On this car I have room to go either way. I lean more toward pushing from the front but I would like to here from those of you who "been there, done that"........Thanks.Steve
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You pose an interesting question ;)

In my career ;) I have used both methods in cooling equipment other than car engines (Big power transformers).

We found Sucking air across or through cooling fins, tends to cool a concentrated area. While setting a fan up to blow through the cooling fins tends to desceminate better through a larger area.

Now how this relates to a Corvette? I don't have a clue:D LOL, but I thought I'd throw my .25 in. I figure you'll get a good answer too
I just couldn't resist.

Mine is mounted behind radiator, and I believe, it sucks the cool air through, Unfortunetly I live in PA and I won't get to my car until, the weekend. If you can wait when I start it , I'll pop the hood and make sure of what direction it flows. When my mechanic first put it on it was inverted, and caused car to run way hot. After it was corrected I've had no problems.
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I think that either side of the radiator should work equaly well, provided the flow is towards the engine. However there is one thing to consider. Any debris, sand, rocks,and etc., that find there way to the front of the radiator are going to strike the fan blade and be driven by the force of the blade against the fins. This will cause the fins to fold over and restrict the air flow through the radiator. Just a thought...this is a big problem w/off road equipment, radiators require frequent combing to restore the fin orientation. Depending on where you live the amount of road debris varies greatly.

Thanks Guys, My problem is cured.......inacurate sending unit. After replaceing the 3rd new thermostat, 2nd new water pump and installing a mechanical guage (to make sure) the 427 in the silver 69 is now running at a cool 190 degrees, evan getting on it a little(not much)..............Thanks again for all your help.....Steve

Real cool Steve. I think the stock elec fan on the '81 is in front of the radiator but I have seen lots of custom cars either way. Glad the problem i solved. You da man!

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