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Suggestions On Wheels that show off Rotor/Calip.



Day by day we are getting real close to finishing the resto project. The front suspension is completely on, with the rotors and calipars. Currently working on the rear, installing the shocks, and cleaning up the wheel well. The tubing for the exhaust came today, so any time now she should be up and running. My question is, what are some suggestions you guys have for some new wheels. Im leaning toward something that shows off the insides. I have some drilled cadnium gold plated rotors with the red calipar affect. So just throw me some, i was looking at the edelbrock wheels, but wanted to hear from you guys first.
Congrats on your project. So what size wheels are you looking for? 15'' 16'' 17'' Whatever you choose, get something BIG and nasty :D
A larger diameter like a 17" with narrower spokes would work. The new Edelbrock wheels are good looking or maybe a 17" Torque Thrust ll.
Like Tom, I too like the looks of TT II's. Aesthetics plays a big role here ... it seems some larger diameter wheels can have the undesirable effect of making stock diameter brakes appear too small & wimpy ... 'specially if brakes have showy finishes.

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