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Superchargers-where abouts



I am wondering if anyone has any expereince with the Lingenfelter Supercharger? For $8399 it seems like a good price. What we do not like about the system is the big hood you have to add on. I read the post on the ATI supercharger and it sounds very nice but I think installation is a must as is a 3 year warranty (very nice). My second question is about the 6 speed. I believe the transmission should be able to hold up to the power. Any thoughts? What is the ZF rated to? hp/trq lbs Is a tranny cooler recommended?
What are some other tuners that we should be looking at?
I have been looking but my mind in drawing a blank:
Rippie ? can't seem to get to his site

Any other tuners with a very good reputation.
MN resident with a 2002, 6 speed.
Looking for a Z06 alternative.


Jun 7, 2002
Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA
Mag red 2001
I would be interested also in any experience (C5 type) with a supercharger. I have looked at several manufacturers and the Procharger provides about a 55% increase at 7 psi boost , with an air-to-air intercooler annd advertised bolt on mechanics and doesn't require modification to the hood.


The reason the hood is larger (as you could probably guess) is b/c of where the LPE blower sits. It wouldn't clear the stock hood, so they add the high rise hood (which looks pretty cool imo) And the price is a tad steap on the LPE blower, but you're mainly buying the LPE name and warranty. Which, is pretty damn great, considering what some of the other tuners have gotten into.

Callaway i dont think does a whole lot as far as engine mods goes, compared to LPE, but he's not a bad guy to work with, as far as some of the stories i've heard.

Now for the trans question, i'm not sure how much the M6s can handle, but LPEs latest TT 427 is running basically a stock transmission (probably some racing type trans fluid, also has fully adj suspension) but the gear ratio is the stock 3.42s. And that sucker is puttin out over 800hp and 800 ft/lbs. Btw, it's getting re-worked, trying to dip well into the 8s in the 1/4 mile now. Running consistant 9.2s w/ the A4. Not bad huh?

Me personally, i'd go w/ something like ATI or Vortech if you want that "sleeper" outter apperance (ha, like a vette is a sleeper :cool ) Hearing different things from different people, the ATI and Vortech setup are great. The aftercooler/intercooler helps out quite a bit. Of course, doing more to the car like intake, head porting, exhaust will net more power, but will also cost $ (but everyone knows that)

And if you want tuners, check the portal area. Lots of them. Agostino Racing (ARE) LG Motorsports, Lingenfelter, Callaway, Rippie, Mallett, LS1 Motorsports, MTI (if you're considering a stroker kit from MTI, check the LS1 boards before hand). As deep as your wallet can go, is the determining factor to how much you can drop into the car. LPE is great b/c he's been around vettes for a long while, and has become probably the most well known SBC/vette tuner around. Imo, the price is steep, but if you want the power, why not shell out some extra $$ for a warranty and hood?

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