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Surpentine Belt



Does anyone know what the correct length surpentine belt for a 92 LS1 engine? All the manuel shows is GM P/N 10186175 or P/N 10067477. I tried a 68" belt from the parts house but it indicates too long on the tensioner indicator. Any assistance would be appreciated.
I can't help you off-hand Tom, but make sure that your tensioner is up to snuff first.

November 24, 1999
We have heard from many members about a belt tensioner concern on the LS1 engine. The engineers that we have spoken with are well aware of this. An effort is underway for a new and improved tensioner ...

From: The Official C5 Registry

_ken :w
Tensioner appears to be OK. Some of the parts houses have listed belts that are even longer. Very strange opinions of correct length on this car from suppliers, LOL.
Tom, I went through this in June with my 92. The parts stores only listed the belt for the ZR1. Between that, and the fact that it is a double sided belt, I ended up going to the dealer.

I happen to have the info for ya. Right off the "Genuine GM" package:

GM 6 rib 1708MM
#110186198 (part number)

Hope this helps.

any time.


There is another way to find out how long your belt is. I had to do this when the AC unit went on my old Vette. I didn't have the $$ to fix it right away so I bypassed it.

Take a long piece of string and wrap it around the pulleys in the same route that the belt would go. After you route it back to where you started, remove it and measure it. This will tell you how many inches your serpentine belt is. Works every time ;)

Thanks to all you guys!
Mike, you were right to go the GM dealer. It seems that late in 92, GM switched to the 93 pully scheme. The big difference was the non-ribbed pully on the power steering unit. This would make the belt shorter, i.e.,a 1698MM unit P/N 10230259. Fits like a glove! Mystery solved!
I am glad you got what you needed. I wish I did not have the double rib though. It would make getting a underdrive pulley reasonable. oh well.
double ribbed belt

Mike, it looks, from the GM parts book, the only difference is the power steering pully. the idler and tensioner pullys are flat on either scheme. If you just changed the power steering pully to the 93 type (i.e. flat) you would have the same setup.
Ok. The reason I though that I had to change more is that in the catalogs for the power pulleys, it says that I have to replace the idlers and p/s. I would go look but that might encourage me to change them out.

Anyway, I am probably not going to increase the go on this thing until spring. The idea of black ice and increased power is not good.

Black Ice

Yes, I Truely understand. Slip-Sliding-away is NO fun!
Have a good one
"turning right to go left" comes to mind.

When people ask how I drive the vette in the snow, I like to say "sideways" with a straight face.

I get great pleasure out of driving in the snow right next to a Hummer.

GREAT Description!! I've got to put that one in my Book!! :beer

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