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Sway bars..Your thoughts please.



I'm considering getting high performance sway bars installed on my C5.. Has anybody had this Mod done ?? Was the handling difference noticeable ??


I haven't done it yet, but have been thinking about it...along with performance brakes. Looking forward to some responses.

Hi there,
While there are many sway bar kits out there, you must be aware of the down side, as the end links are critical to correct performance, with no noise.
As for what or why????
Hotchkiss makes bars are great, and give awesome cornering response, however, with the endlinks, give some noise.
Squeaking, and knocking, depending on what happens.
I suggest 02 endlinks, which are cast aluminum, with FE4 sway bars.
These are ZO6 specific, and with the correct factory bushings, will not squeak, or rattle.
And, they will not be as twitchy in the straight lines, as other can me.
Bestoyou, c4c5:hb
Thanks for the input ! I will keep you posted..

Thanks for the info c4c5. Something to think about, but will it make that much of a difference than stock.
Hi Dan,
depending on the suspension options that you have now, it could.
If you have FE1, then yes, the difference will be substantial.
If you have Z51, then you will not notice as radical of a change.
Everything is dependent on everything else, so be warned, you must be properly advised on this.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb

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