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Sweet-Thunder Hi-perf sidepipe Inserts



Sweet-Thunder High Performance Inserts
for Hooker 4" Corvette Sidepipes
I bought the new stainless version,of their 2.5" slip-in side pipe mufflers. They are,believe it or not,TOO loud for my tastes. I recently took them out to put in a set of Hookers muffs. I need to sell the Sweet Thunders as soon as I can.They cost me $300.00 not including shipping, & I only got the sidepipes on 2 weeks ago.They barely have any exhaust run thru them. Mine are= Insert with 2 1/2" inner baffle tube.
Part # is DL 250SS
...There is a sound clip on their site at http://www.sweet-thunder.com/chamber..._corvette.html --Make a reasonable offer!

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