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Sweetheart Ride Road Rally coming up!


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Jul 29, 2016
Join us in Azle for the first rally of our new season, on Sunday, March 31. After an 80+ mile drive on some of the scenic hard surfaced country roads in Parker and Wise Counties, you will end back in Azle. Most of the rally is about solving puzzles using signs and objects found along the rally route. One penalty point will be assessed for each correct solution you don’t mark in your Route Books. In one or more places a travel speed may be set. Use the DISTANCE times RATE = TIME (D x R = T) formula to determine when you should pass certain timing points. Each full minute you are early or late will cost one penalty point so even if you just run by the "Seat of Your Pants" (and your speedometer) you should do well.
• Awards: First Timers, Novices (everyone in the vehicle has won 2 or less rally trophies), and General Class. Optional Master Class for those who don't want any more trophies.
• Starting Location: David Beard's Catfish Restaurant, 1303 NW Parkway, Azle, TX 76020
• Finishing location: El Paseo Mexican Restaurant, 100 W Main St, Azle
• Vehicles: Sports cars, family sedans, pickups, SUV's, & anything else with 4 wheels that's street legal (bring something that you will have fun driving on back roads and byways).
• Registration/Check-In: 11:00am - noon
• General Instructions Review: 11:15am (For first timers, but all are welcome.)
• Mandatory Safety Briefing: 12:10pm.
• Car 1 receives their Route Book: 12:21pm, and starts at 12:31pm
• First car should finish around 5:00pm; awards around 6:00pm
• Rally Fee: $30.00 / SCCA Members: $25.00 / $5 late fee at check-in if not preregistered on MotorsportReg.com .
• On or about 24Mar the General Instructions will be emailed to those who preregister.
• To get a sneak peek at the Generals check to see if they are attached at the bottom of the opening post in the 2019 Sweetheart Ride Road Rally topic on the Texas Region Forum (https:/texasscca.org/phpBB3/). Around the middle of March I will be posting them there.
• If you have any questions post them in the 2019 Sweetheart Ride Road Rally topic on the TR Forum or contact the rallymaster at jerryw@illinoisalumni.org.
Come on out and discover what game/trivia/adventure (GTA) and time/speed/distance (TSD) rallying are all about! To pre-register and obtain additional details, go to Sweetheart Ride Road Rally info on Mar 31, 2019 '('797309')' '|' MotorsportReg.com .
Ten cars have entered already:
Chevy Cruz, Ford, Jaguar, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Subaru, Toyota, and two Volvos.

There is plenty of room for a Vette or two!

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